Blog said CREDITS NOT COINS (OW2 cur.) new skins costs COINS

Congrats youre now blizz payroll, keep it up employee


Im talking about shop skins and legendaries over there

Yes but the person you you responded to specifically said the base legendaries, not the shop ones.

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And i did said shop ones before

MS Rewards still on top

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Monetization is still awful apparently, only thing that changes is buying old skins and if you have tons of legacy credits or just all the old skins in general then nothing changes for you :sob:

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I dont know if i should laugh or cry with that fact :sob::rofl:

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No you didn’t

There is not a word about shop skins there… You said ‘upcoming’. And base ones for new heroes ARE upcoming.

You blind or chose to ignore this?

Well they know most of them are tryhard fans that will stick around anyway no matter what “because ow is so special i only play ow”.

Thats basically what you read here. People treat it as daily Routine to log in and play games no matter what.

Look it’s 100% not perfect but there are some good things that come out of this. With legacy credits being earnable again, we can at least get new heroes cosmetics as they come out(I know a ton of people have a ton of this currency so it doesn’t affect them, but not everyone from OW1 had this). It’s definitely not perfect though but we’re getting somewhere here.

The pass definitely needs coins on it, not just credits, my hope is that they’ll eventually see this otherwise all new skins are as you said, untouchable and out of reach. And while it’s not the best, 1 free new legendary skin for nearly every event is a good thing, the only downside would only be if you don’t play that hero but for me personally, I love almost every hero anyways.

New heroes still costing money is a problem and we still have a long fight ahead to ensure that we get new skins and heroes both relatively for free(without having to spend 40+ hours on an annoying grind, time spent is still spending something).

I do feel vindicated nonetheless today, all my “complaints” were 10000000% justified, skins do in fact matter. Even if this is not perfect, we’re getting them to take baby steps, so the momentum needs to keep happening from here.

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You do know color variants are the junk skins. That’s why they’re okay with them using OW credits. No one wants them.

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You can, I bought the streetwear legendary skin for kiriko (the black and pink one with the flowers), and the wastelander skin for junker queen with my legacy credits (they cost 1900 legacy credits) I was a bit short for rammatra and I don’t like any of sojourns skins.

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Glad it finally happened - I’ve been calling this change since season 1 because it makes the most sense for Overwatch (and now I can finally spend some of my old credits since we can earn them back)

This is the second part that I’m also waiting on. I don’t like the silence and having to wait 3+ seasons to figure out the shop model but it seems like the route they are going.

I think it is fine for them to drop stuff in the shop for premium and then eventually release them to the gallery for credits. That’s exactly what I’m waiting for and it would be nearly the exact same system as Destiny 2 but I think it would be healthier if the devs told us that is the plan earlier instead of making us use coins now without knowing.

Extra: I don’t know how third party APIs get set up but if some kind souls could eventually set up a website to track future shop rotations (like the site) then that would be perfect too

They’re two different products, how is this a scam?

People said the same thing about Halo Infinite’s BP that was permanent when purchased, bucking the trend of a FOMO seasonal approach.

There’s no rule legislating that BP’s have to contain a premium currency, in fact I’d rather have Halo Infinite’s original system than currency, but just because it doesn’t contain currency, how does that make it a scam?

You know, that this includes also Legendary skins right?

It’s better than nothing i suppose

we had quite literally nothing

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Oh yeah, right, the common skins for Kiriko, JQ, Sojourn and Ramattra I didn’t even bother buying with my legacy coins :sweat_smile:… (Some of them were given away by watching streams and some players wasted legacy coins on them for nothing 'cause they were too impatient).

I wonder what I’m gonna do when I get even more of those credits that don’t allow me to buy the Premium BP nor the less underwhelming skins from the shop :p…

The only misinformation I see is from Blizzard’s part by confusing the casual playerbase that don’t even know there’s a difference between “credits” and “coins”.

Vague terms to have players mix everything up.

Who knows how many of them have already starting misinforming people around them stating Overwatch will now have 2k premium currency for free by playing the game :laughing:… We’re gonna hear from this in a few weeks when people don’t understand why they can’t buy skins with their “credits” lmao.

Like it or not, Blizzard is still pretty stingy with the lackluster content they have. Imagine recycling a 2016 game and turning it into F2P and still not reimbursing the coins you invested in the Battle Pass, let alone letting you earn enough currency during a whole season so you can buy one new skin…

please check halo infinite again before typing about it since in season 2 they put premium currency inside the battlepass now

overwatch players are so exploited and abused that they are thanking blizzard for giving them a pittance of what they once got for free by grinding the game for two whole months. Truly a case of stockholm syndrome if I ever saw one.