BlizzcOnline: Hero Reworks

Honestly… I think even one of these would be the writing on the wall for me to just leave lol fortnite is making some moves with save the world and ow2 is on the horizon. Ow1 was fun but …

I like interesting and creative heroes. I am just bored of the current direction even reading it lol

Yh there will obviously be some minor changes, there has to be really, as it’s been 5 years now. I’d rather they delay it than rush it… But i’ve only been playing a year so it has a complete overhaul i’m gonna be back to square one haha.

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OW is a chess game where the players are the pieces, and there are new pieces over time. This is what makes it both a joy and a curse to play :slight_smile:

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shield gen was strong: yes, but +25 shield ability for all still great now that we know how to play the game.
Heck you can make it a +50 shield ability but limited to 2 players only per life. 250 hp zen. 350 hp bastion. 550 hp monkey.

Yeah this is what I was talking about! This was back in 2018 though IIRC (time flies huh?)

It’s just the way the game has evolved. Sym with shields was almost always considered a throw pick with the exception of a couple of maps. If they push her back into the support category, people will consider her a throw pick without any direct healing in her kit.


Hog, I don’t think it would be possible to balance. Hitbox is too big and I don’t think people would like the idea of triple “tank” again.

I actually quite like this idea. The Sym player decides who “deserves” the buff and can switch it on the fly.

No, she definitely needs some degree of healing. As mentioned in my OP, Geoff Goodman specifically mentioned healer Symmetra, not just Support Sym.

She doesn’t need copious amounts of healing. She can have Zen/Lucio levels of heals but solid shielding/teleporting as her main utility.

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just give her a unique Ult, that charges differently than everyone
her turrets switch to heal turrets and her TP becomes a beacon of light. Its like lamp but instead of Denying death, it has 66% CC resistant in an area

Hog: Wouldn’t mind it, but it’d be jarring as hell.
Mei: No.
Brig: Hell no.
Symmetra: N O . Symmetra should NOT be a healer.

Hog: no. His kit is good for an offtank
Mei: yes. She could be moved to tank with some tuning
Sym: yes. Let her build stuff like buildings
(Weapon shop gives you 5% dmg boost while in it… doctor building heals you for 15 health a second… etc)
Brig: no. Just make her an off healer.

curious as to why Brig is a “hell no”?

Brig is already bad enough as a Support. Her as a Tank is even worse.

You do realise they’d have to change her to be a tank? it’s not as simple as just buff HP, buff shield HP - sorted, leave as.

I’m not saying I want her in the tank role. I’d prefer she be kept as a support. But i’m not entirely opposed to it if it was to be done.

Correct, but I still don’t want her as a Tank. I think Brig fits more as a sort of Melee-Zenyatta, where she does more damage than she does healing. This way she can be an effective threat on the front lines (like her original design was) but without any of the oppressive “unkillable” heals she applies to her allies/self.

Her being a Tank would only exacerbate her conflicting identity.

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I don’t entirely disagree with you. If she was to be tank, she’d be that frontline melee threat there.
Again, like you, I’d much prefer her to be kept as support.

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I am hoping that Brig gets rework to be more brawly while staying in the support role.

I feel if they make her a tank she will either be a better than Reinhardt, leaving him in the dust or inferior to Reinhardt where no one picks her. Plus I am not sure how they would increase her size without making her look ridiculous.

Not gonna lie, I’d much prefer it if they did change Brigitte into a tank. At present, I seriously doubt that Blizzard will ever manage to balance Brigitte as a support where she’s useable for the majority of the ladder without having her be massively overbearing in OWL (which they won’t allow).

Brigitte is currently the Bastion of supports. If she gets a team who is willing and able to do the things necessary to make her work, she does a ton of work. Give her a team who ignores her existence and she won’t be able to do nearly as much and will probably flounder and die.

The easiest way to fix that is to give her more health and shield health so she can get close to enemies without evaporating but nerf or revert other parts of her kit. But if they do that she’ll much more heavily resemble a Tank at that point. Might as well just run with it.

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Sorry but these are some very biased assumptions based on misinterpreting what was actually said.

You are just taking what was said and trying to match it with your own expectations instead of looking at the things objectively.

This is why i’m not opposed to it tbh. It’d give me that frontline brawler style back that I love having with her. She’s a character I love, so if she moved to tank, i’d play tank.