Blizzcon sombra skin

I have actually a post that elaborates on this

No you dont, because the original quote implies by saying “the blizzcon items” every blizzcon item (including the Sombra skin) and then twitter says “some items” which may mean not the Sombra skin.

Read the some of the replies below, the Blizzard Customer Support agent later replies with key corrections to elaborate.


Thank you for working on it. I would appreciate any information you could give for why it’s so ‘complicated’ as you say. I feel that after coming to PC after 2 years of console, I’m more affected than most by this. I spent a lot of money on lootboxes and while I don’t regret doing so because OW was a game worth my money. But now, it’s much harder to justify for me when I have lost them all just because I didn’t have a PC for OW 2 years ago.

All I can say is that if you are working on this, I appreciate you doing so and really hope you succeed. It’s really important to me and my enjoyment of the game that I don’t just lose…everything because I wanted to upgrade my hardware.


I don’t say it enough because at this point I just view you as a friend more than anything, but thanks for always helping people out by providing as much clarity as possible, Wyoming

Just in case : can you please confirm that the Sombra skin will somehow be available again later ?

I would love to buy it now, but my sweet student money thinks otherwise.

If you can make something happen that would be awesome!!! Having started in season 2 on console and switching over to PC recently, I miss all the cosmetics I accumulated over the years and events. Now I just look like a noob. lol

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Shouldn’t be the problem since you can use the same account for PS4 and PC. PS4 and other consoles are a different story though.

So it should atleast be able for PS4 to transfer skins to PC and the other way around.

I have all skins except for 3 normal Legendary skins and 3 2017 Halloween Skins. It would be awesome if I can have my same in-game credits on PS4 to PC as well. I have like 48,600 credits saved up on PS4.

I have a gaming laptop too. Don’t on the PC version yet though.

Would not be shocked one bit if it was a Sony issue.

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Couldn’t they just have you sync with like a 15 digit alphanumeric code, that you bring up on your console screen, and then type into your PC client?

Like when you are setting up a Roku, FireTV, AppleTV etc.

Or even better, give it a timeframe where you have to type it in, like with the BattleNet Authenticator.

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It’s opens a door to people wanting everything across all alt accounts. If I have 2 or more PC accounts then why can’t they share unlocked skins across all of them?

Also it opens an unfair advantage to the amount of boxes you get each week.

You get your 3 weekly boxes on your console account then go over and get 3 more weekly boxes on your PC account. Allows you for even more items each week where others don’t get such an advantage.

Sony is complicated overall, This is why i hate consoles, their closed boxes of death where everything is forever stuck in that thing that you cant upgrade, change, or transfer

I don’t think the problem is verification that you indeed own both systems and games or anything. I believe the problem is that Sony is very uncooperative when it comes to cross platform stuff. I don’t know the details of it but I do know Blizzard is hardly the only company to have trouble with working with them

Well that’s why you have it so that you don’t need to Sony’s servers to communicate with Blizzard servers. And like I said above, just authenticate without using Sony servers.

Gotcha, I see what you’re saying

Holy crap, for cereal?

If suddenly you can synchronize cosmetic unlocks, what will happen to those of us who have a majority of the game’s content unlocked on both their PC and console profiles? Will we get some coins for each duplicate?

That’s what my ex said too :neutral_face:

It’s not really only about that. It comes down to profit most of the time. Sony would be losing customers; as in they’re losing customers playing on their platform.

They’d treat Fortnite different to an entire company like Activision/Blizzard for example, since one makes more money than the other. Why would they voluntarily let customers switch to PC if it means sacrificing profits made by said customers buying things from their store?

it’s not about the Sony servers, it’s about their licensing/3rd party accounts policy. Sony has this weird “thou shall not take things earned on our platform elsewhere” policy.

in fortnight it locks your account so you can’t play it on other console platforms like the Xbox/switch.

in Overwatch it locks cosmetics you earn so you can’t potentially get them on Xbox (again, sony doesn’t like people taking progress made to other consoles)

No it doesn’t. One parent account that can tie to only one console account per console platform. That’s how it already functions with the current Twitch drops and HOTS timed exclusive skins.

Again, not an issue. Weekly box progress can be shared across multiple platforms.

The only thing that’s unfair, is that this far out of launch there are people that have intentionally purchased the lootboxes on multiple platforms and gotten those skins on both platforms, to which Blizzard would have to reimburse them (or alternatively, make recolors of and auto unlock them).

The only truly problematic things are achievement sprays, Twitch drop sprays, and Golden weapons, and deciding whether these items are allowed to be shared.