Blizzcon 2016 basiton skin resell

Hello, I’m currently a master Bastion user, and I started playing Overwatch around 2017 and didn’t get the BlizzCon 2016 skin.Like the re-released Blizzcon 2019 skin, are you not going to resell BlizzCon 2016 skin for the 4th anniversary event or for the purchase again? I really want to get it.Please resell it.

There are several skins like this–would LOVE to get some old unavailable skins!

The development team did confirm way back in 2016 that the Bastion BlizzCon skin will never return for sale after 2016 BlizzCon, even in a future BlizzCon virtual ticket. There has only ever been one skin that was marked as a Legacy skin that ever returned, and that was Demon Hunter Sombra (which was marked in the original 2018 BlizzCon press release that it would return later).

I am not sure what skin you are talking about here.

The Anniversary event does not rerelease limited-edition skins like those from BlizzCon or other limited-time promotions, it does make any skin from any seasonal event available in Anniversary Loot Boxes.


My heart is very sad that I will never rock the Tyrande Sym skin.

Q.Q forever