Blizzards New Designer

Guys im taking classes for 3D animation and Character Design! My goal is to work for blizzard and create new heros and characters and hopfully be apart of the devs themselfs in the future! When that happens, Overwatch and other games will be better cause someone who acually played the game is apart of the team!


if you do make sure to make mama hong the next tank hero


this game will be over and done with in 4 years. enjoy working on diablo 5 though, man. i believe in u


ill make my own game then lol


And then people say Blizzard is running out of talent.

There is always be a long line of people searching for a job in a big company no matter how bad that company is.

‘‘Soo, you are saying that overwatch isnt good enough? Noted.’’

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apart : separate from
a part : part of

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Good on you! if you are goin to shoot to work for a team, shooting to work for a team which has constantly put out top rate 3d animations, and art is great.

Best of luck for the future!

I admire your ambition, but the game isn’t the way it is because of the devs. It’s Bobby and the suits. If you’re not among them, you’re not going to be able to do much to save OW2.


Gonna offer some advice:
You are not in charge of your projects. Sure you may earn the title of Designer–maybe even Lead Designer. But the project belongs to the Company. So unless you start a Company of your own, you will just be another unfortunate worker doing what Blizzard tells you to do and keeping this status quo.

Also, 3D Animation and Character Design are only for the visual aspects of the Player Characters. For game flow (how the game plays), you want Programming related fields. Better start studying the Advanced Mathematics.

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see you in 7 years then little man

Fly you fool!
And never look back!


How far along are you? What software are you using, any particular areas you’re interested in? Literally just finishing up my Bachelor’s for 3D animation (as in finishing in August) and would love to help and throw some resources your way for the theory, software and prac side. The company I’m personally aiming to work for at some point is Blender Studios :smiley:

Also uh, Blizzard is kind of a bit of a toxic company atm, might wanna go for somewhere else if that doesn’t change. And just. Keep in mind you won’t be in charge of anything, much less hero design. At least not for many years.

If more people are leaving than joining then yes, they are running out of talent. And well the reputation of Blizzard as a company to work for is just kind of… Terrible.

Very much this, the cinematic team there is pretty damn good.

Their work conditions are… Bad.

Why don’t you open your own indie studio instead? :slightly_smiling_face:.