Blizzards comp ban/suspension system is broken

Blizzard. I love your game and appreciate what you do tto make us all happy. But this happened in a earlier game.
We were winning on the third round and then suddenly, my WiFi disconnected and I disconnected from the game for at least a minute. I joined back in time and after the game finished, I lost 45SR and got a comp suspension. Like wtf man. I reconnected in time. Please do check this problem.

Actually this is working as intended. All disconnections, game crashes, and technical malfunctions counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. Learn more about this policy here:

We know.

Since launch it has never been different.

And yes, the reasons cited by Blizzard for it are straight stupid.

The only problem is when blizzard servers crash and players still get the suspension and loss of SR. And don’t try to say their servers never crash. I wasn’t born yesterday.

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Remember that if you see the message “Lost connection to the server” after getting kicked back to the title screen, that is a case where the game client can no longer communicate with the server and does not indicate a problem with the server itself.

When a server typically crashes, players are often sent back to the main menu screen, and the message “server closed due to an unexpected error” appears in the text chat box, and in most cases the match will restart with the same players but often on a different map.

I will not deny that there are times there are problems that affect a majority of players. But these times are often not due to a single server, but due to problems such as DDoS attacks, failures from an internet service provider (such as the issues with) CenturyLink yesterday, or other various causes.

In reality, it is because Blizzard realizes this that the starting penalty is only 10 minutes. This is not a huge penalty, but it’s enough to make sure players realize that they need to take the time to stop evaluate if there is an existing problem and then decide whether they should continue to play competitive again, or stop to troubleshoot their problem.

As one of the forum MVPs, I try to help as many players as possible in the in the technical support forum, and I encourage anyone who is frequently disconnecting, to either post there or start a web ticket with blizzard, where we can help you resolve your problems faster.