Blizzard/Activision Foot Fetish

Why do all the new heroes have no shoes.

Like i know blizzard like to sexualize their games but i was not expecting a whole foot fetish overwatch sub reddit.

Proof of shoes in trailer: Lifeweaver Origin Story | Overwatch 2 - YouTube

but hero has no shoes in game. HMMMMMM


Check again


I checked, they still have no shoes.

Sojourn also has no shoes

what are you tying to point out? they have no shoes?

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I didn’t notice this, probably because I don’t have that kind of fetish myself

lookin at you OP


The lady doth protest too much methinks


I generally like melons myself but blizzard removed those from tracer and her butt


you can buy skins if you want shoes but idk if you are going to like them xd

I mean if you’re gonna count metal robot feet then alrighty.


Do you count a metal hand as a hand?

Or is everyone armless

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Not in the context of hand fetishes.

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I don’t have anything to add nor do I care about feet tbh. Figured I’d commend OP for the thread

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Those Pumas aint cheap bro. Especially if a character is repeatedly dying to gunshots and explosions. respawning with new shoes is expensive…


Where kiriko feet? :tongue:


Kiriko has heeled boots?

It would be fine if the heroes were female, but nobody wants to see nasty male feet. Whereas everyone wants to see beautiful female feet!

Ummm excuse me?!?!?! Where’s TRACER FEET! Why have we not gotten a barefoot Tracer skin?

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Kiriko is not new, shes over a year old.

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Has it really been that long since kiriko release!?

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I believe this. Out of all the people who have ever not cared about feet, you are definitely one of them.


Doesn’t matter tbh.

So what if they do?

Let them express themselves.

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I hope OP never plays a Soulsborne game… :grimacing:.

:eyes: :foot:

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Do they have alot of female feet? Asking for myself.

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