Blizzard World Spawn Glitch


I loaded into a server with a broken spawn. Our Hanzo spawned outside of the spawn doors. The game proceeded to begin with no timer in the UI and the doors would not open. We couldn’t change heros and I was kind of freaking out. Eventually, we all were removed from the server due to inactivity. I don’t know if someone was trying to glitch the game but Blizzard World is DEFINITELY broken. I can’t include photos because it won’t allow me to, but I can maybe send it as a reply.


This happened to me and my wife as well. Blizzard World Spawn points will not open and eventually kick members for inactivities.


I was just in a game on blizzard world where the game mode was control point instead of the usual hybrid payload game mode. Our team spawned in the defending team’s last spawn room, while the other team was stuck in their spawn on the attacker’s side.


Just had this happen–only one person spawns outside of the spawn, the doors never open and we could not change heroes. Looks like there is supposed to be a payload because the pathing is there. There is no timer, payload, etc either. Such a bummer because the decorations look nice from the window!


The same thing just happened to me on Blizzard World in No Limits. The spawn doors were closed and there was no timer. The point was not active so we couldn’t do anything.


Just came from Blizzard World. At first we played normally until the last point when suddenly the screen went black, teams were shuffled and we were sent back to spawn. Then it happened again but our position and heroes in spawn was the same if we didn’t switch teams. We pushed onto the first point and then it just reset again. At some point server connection loss messages popped up in the chat


This just happened to me - can we leave, or will we be penalized?


Well, I was removed for inactivity…


Not sure, nothing you can really do about that except contact blizzard support for being penalized. It is their fault for the glitch though, it seems I was not the only one experiencing it.


Same bug here, winter wonderland blizz world. happened in an arcade mode.

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Thank you for the report. We’re sorry that this isn’t working right and are working to resolve it. It will help us if players can help validate which modes (Arcade, QP, Comp) are affected. In the meantime, we’ve pulled Blizzard World from all map rotations on all platforms while we work on this.


Thank you for adressing the issue! :hearts: