Blizzard World Plays more like 2CP than a Hybrid Map


As becoming more evident through watching Stage 3 OWL matches and competitive experience, the 2nd point of Blizzard World is ridiculously hard to secure due to its 2CP-like spawn advantage the defenders have right next to the checkpoint allowing for serious stall potential.

The map play doesn’t feel like escort, and more like 2CP in terms of the strategies employed to clear that second checkpoint.

I don’t know what tools the developers have available to tinker with the map or if a situation like this has shown up in past escort maps, but perhaps you guys could look into the Blizzard World Map and make it playable more true to its game mode?


Do remember this Tuesday the live version of the game will be making key changes that should relive this…

Though these changes are not likely to be applied until the start of Stage 4 in Overwatch League.


It’s already changed on the PTR