Blizzard World map bugged, crashes


Not really much else to say besides the title; every time I get on Blizzard World (it’s happened more than once, in different lobbies) where within 10-15 seconds it’ll crash and reset with a message in chat about a server error, reload the map, and do it again, repeatedly. Not exactly sure how many times it can happen as I’d just leave after the first couple resets since it seemed to be looping.


Happened to me also multiple times / different heroes. Must be related with Blizzard World map.


there are plenty of topics about this issue.
Clearly they just don’t care to remove it from map pool while fixing it.


i joint a game on blizzard world no limits and the whole was stuck in a spawn room and we couldnt get out and the hud said it was a king of the hill mode

(Dan Maas) #5

Thank you for the report. We’re sorry that this isn’t working right and are working to resolve it. It will help us if players can help validate which modes (Arcade, QP, Comp) are affected. In the meantime, we’ve pulled Blizzard World from all map rotations on all platforms while we work on this.


To me it happend in Quick Play


it’s happened to me in quickplay today, less than an hour ago.
it also happened yesterday evening in mystery heroes.


Comp, 100% of the times, crashes within a minute after doors open.


I got it in No Limits again. Just now. So, it’s still in rotation.


Got Blizzard World in Arcade (No Limits) just now and we couldn’t capture the point. No enemies on it, the capture bar just wouldn’t go up.


Is there a way to get my endorsement level back? It’s really frustrating if you’re close to level 5 and get deranked because of a bug :frowning: