Blizzard world is bugged (No Limits)



Experienced the same issue, we was on the other team, the spawn locked us in. But our opposition also told us the point hadn’t loaded either. It kicked us after a while for inactivity even though our entire team was running around.


Blizzard World is not meant for a control map. So the no limits doing that is glitching thr game.


Yep, I was in that game as well, it spawned me outside the map the first point then locked us in a random room.


Just a game of no limits on blizzard world as defender and the point would not cap for the enemies.


Yeah, I just played a game where attacking team could not move the payload. They captured the point but the payload was stuck at its spawn, I thought “great, easy win” but the overtime was not ending either.


Same thing happened to me in a different game! Capped the point, the payload just decided to chill, and then perpetual overtime.


I don’t think its the no limits that has messed up the map, as other people are reporting similar issues in other game modes aswell.


I think Blizzard World generally is bugged. In no limits we were thrown out of the game on first point. “Unexpected server error”.

(Dan Maas) #10

Thank you for the report. We’re sorry that this isn’t working right and are working to resolve it. It will help us if players can help validate which modes (Arcade, QP, Comp) are affected. In the meantime, we’ve pulled Blizzard World from all map rotations on all platforms while we work on this.


Thus far I’ve only experienced it in No Limits.


The game mode was No Limits when it happened for me