Blizzard thinks there’s 0 problems with all their games

When you punish players over fixing your game that’s when you know you don’t give a sht about anything in your company and your company will drown here in the next decade or two

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the sooner the better, gaming industry doesnt need actimeme bli$$ard creating toxic and pathetic clownfest monegrabbing lazy foundations for future companies to follow


They aren’t creating toxicity. You are.
They are a company and Overwatch 2(specifically)is a project–a business. A free product, in which you don’t have to waste any money whatsoever. Though, of course, being it is a free product and Overwatch 2 is a business, Blizzard as a company needs to make profit, despite them being very successful and wealthy.

a 4chan leak… which are kinda right often, says they are in damage control mode RN and that the lack of actual content is cause they all trying to fix the game.

I too hope Blizzard dies a horrible death. However, their Microsoft sugar daddy just got approval to keep their garbage games alive.


You know you don’t have to play, right?

diego wins entire current match. devs may reverse rig it, live, to counteract prediction.

Run by a greedy, corrupt man who should be locked up and ended for his crimes. AND, furthermore, an entire board of executives who will back this monster up no matter what

ABK should genuinely not be allowed to continue business. “But you still buy from them” lol no. “Why are you posting here?” Because they deserve to be slandered everywhere.

Blizzard is too busy with their sexual harassments

They already know they are going down the pits, that’s why it’s being sold. Abandoning ship so it’s someone else’s problem. Microsoft should have bought it for less and it’ll be evident once they take a look on the inside.

Rockstar could fix OW