Blizzard stop nerfing tanks

what I mean is stop “indirectly” nerfing tanks, the new buffs to reaper, mei, Sombra and now the new Symmetra rework are all indirectly nerfing tanks especially main tanks.


But… tanks make less money because most players think tanking is boring :stuck_out_tongue:

I would not be surprised if they nerf Syms ability to gain charge from barriers, and only let her regain ammo.

Wait sym is gona get some charge from shields? I didnt know that.

Most tanks are still doing fine, only tank that needs help is Zarya and she’s not a main tank, and not so much bad as simply outclassed by D.Va.

Sure, things are a little more annoying for Reinhardt and he still has bugs to be fixed, but there’s nothing to suggest he’s particularly weak in any way.

The tanks are varying degrees of strong the thing is no one wants to play them

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Tanks are basically fat DPS in the current meta. Why would you want to play a fat DPS, as strong as they are, when you can just play DPS?

Welp then, thats just show that for them we need more anty tank heroes, welcome to dpswatch :stuck_out_tongue:

A fat dps tank is dva and she’s getting nerfed but I see your point with off tanks

I mainly worry for rein, his life keeps getting harder and harder. Might as well just give up on playing rein if sym and bastion are both on the field.

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Even now she gets charge from shields.
Earlier she used to get charge from Friendly Mei ice walls, but they nerfed that.

Symmetra won’t be able to shoot through barriers. But will be able to deal with tjem close up! It’s a trade off. It’s a buff to torb as well with an orisa shield (orbs cant be hit behind a shield) but makes her ok to deal with tanks as she will be a dps.