🥺 Blizzard should really comment on Sym, pretty please? (All The Cherries!)

Honestly I don’t think she was improved, and skipping doing anything on the ptr, just brings more questions.

My review of the Sym rework to the most questionable part here: 🧞‍♀ Judging Sym Rework Primary fire and how it was a complete lie and Photon Barrier Suggestion

But I just forward it here to save time: See Here for last summer: Symmetra Rework

Photon Projector Primary fire - now since the rework, the Primary fire has been buffed twice.

But what has changed, does not really change the main problem. The weapons is too slow dealing effective damage in it’s close range, when most can kill you in this range in about a second.

Thus when he claims Sym will have more damage (potential) when Sym no longer locks onto targets. Was in fact a complete lie.

Sure Sym might have more range then before by like a few Meters. (which is not much.) But Sym wont be able to survive till her opponent easily out dps Sym.

Even the demo shown of the abilty shows, how easy it is to kill Sym, for 76 and Brig, can easily take Sym out with just a few burst of damage.

But instead we are shown the very long demo of Sym charging her weapon of someone, then using it on someone else nearby.

It’s literally 10 seconds, alot can happen in 10 seconds.

Now dps might be shorter now, but I still imagine it’s still around 8 seconds. (plus even then the Soldier seems to have been weakened before the test)

This decision should be looked at a lot harsher by the devs and community.

There is only two solutions which I see in the future to fix this.

  1. Bring Auto lock back, pretty simple. But really not my preferred option.

  2. Bring back Photon Barrier back to combo with the Primary Fire.

Basically how that could be done: Basically when Sym now Summons Turrets, she actually Summons the old Photon Barrier slightly different.

Because unlike before, when the Barrier lands, in folds into a Turret.

This opens Sym up to greater possibilities.

edit: I am thinking like maybe a 200 hp “smaller” barrier, that lands and turns into a (30hp) Turret.

If the 200 hp Barrier is destroyed, then so is the turret.

Thus Sym would likely be usable but still require some skill.

edit: Sigh… Actually considering if this goes on for another 3 months and if a group of pros likes my idea…

To buy $500 of Cherries and send them to Blizzard.


How about choosing what to create: A turret, or a barrier? Just like Moira chooses either piss or cancer ball.

That sounds better to me because turrets with 200 HP would be way too much to focus fire; The turrets would pretty much always land, y’know?

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That would be so much better

Turrets would have regular hp (30) when landing, only though flying though air they would be 200 hp barriers.

We have to have some balance and not to be ridiculous.

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But a lot of the counterplay of the turrets is damaging them when they are floating and cannot deal damage.

Instead of the proposed system, my idea is that every 8 seconds Sym could decide whether to set up a turret or create a 800 HP moving Photon Barrier to protect herself. The barrier would also be more translucent than before to aid her in tracking. It would allow the barrier to be more powerful since the ability would be more focused instead of “2-in-1”.

I don’t see anyway we could set that up unless we had more buttons… which we don’t. (We ran out.)

The addition of the “F” for interaction was mostly why Sym and Torb reworks likely really happened.

That’s why i’m basing it on the Moira ball. Press E, and press M1 for Turret and M2 for Barrier.

Put her back in the support category, add turrets that heal teammates and give lock on M1 back.

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Guys… Just play Moira if you wanted Sym to be a Healer… Cause that’s literally what Moira is mechanically and kit wise. Other wise:

This is focused on the current DPS Sym, and what we actually rework by adding one thing thus keeping whatever Blizzard wanted with 3.0 intact and unchanged.

Sym doesn’t need the re removal of everything see has to make room for other stuff, just so she is missing the stuff we just took away.

That would just be repeating 3.0 mistakes.

We just have to add back that was good in a place that fits, that really benefited Sym… And that was Photon Barrier.

But I really want Blizzard to just comment on Sym’s current state.

Aside from lock on beam that’s nothing like Moira, but that’s okay whatever ya think man. It was just an opinion.

I wish symmetra would go back to support role, and get an actual support kit that ISN’T based on healing. I really wish the whole concept of supporting with shields interesting.

Dude the lock on beam of old Sym literally goes around your head and corners doing dps.

Even though it’s funny and also buggy, I think it crossed a line when you think about “skill” at higher levels.

We have enough problems with the balance of Supports as it is currently, without Sym.

It would be a lot better if Sym continued down this road as a true dps, that requires skill and brain power.

with the long turret cooldowns and how easy to kill they are this is a no no, what if there was an ally and enemy in range? would it make two beams?

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I already ate the cherries.

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Actually considering if this goes on for another 3 months and if a group of pros likes my idea…

To buy $500 of Cherries and send them to Blizzard.

Community: symmetra is useless still, She needs another rework/buffs…


Techically this isn’t a true rework, more of an addition to her current kit.

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Why can’t we just be rational about this?