Blizzard response to Seagull?

I completely agree with everything he said.

3 massive issues in Overwatch currently:

  1. Too much MOBA. It should be 70% fps 30% MOBA. It’s currently the other way around and also the reason why it’s so unbalanced.

  2. Ultimates are too powerful.

  3. No way of knowing how many elims your teammates have.

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I disagree with all of it.
It is supposed to be like this. It is supposed to be built on unique powers and ults.

Otherwise there’s always TF2 or Fortnite.

I bought OW as a team based FPS. Key phrase there being First Person Shooter. This was also coming from a background of playing games like Unreal, Quake, TF2, CS.

Think of how many shields, stuns, ultimates and melee characters are in those games. Overwatch is basically WoW PvP that requires aim.

Balance issues aside, this game’s direction was great from beta up until about season 6-8. Now it’s a hard pass.

Why is that? If we wanted a MOBA we wouldn’t be playing Overwatch.

Overwatch is supposed to be an fps with some MOBA features. Right now it’s clearly way too much MOBA.

So you never bothered to read up on the game, watch the trailers or watch the gameplay before buying the game?

Here you go :roll_eyes:

Actually insane how fast they adressed the issues brought up by the bird. Maybe they are becoming faster with their changes over time which is a good thing.

honestly, the game could use devs less responding to streamers whims and more toward the community issues.

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As long as they don’t put mass rez back.

Agreed. Tanks were happy with her no longer being able to stun through barriers. It’s frustrating trying to protect my team when I can’t even hold up my shield. But no that’s not enough :roll_eyes: She was supposed to counter dive, not tanks. Now she gets to… watch Tracer recall and come back at full health? Fun.

Source that OW is a MOBA?

From what I’ve heard Blizzard have said that OW is a mix between fps and MOBA.

Right now it’s more like 70-80% MOBA.

That’s why this video is so amazing. He talks almost exclusively about things that the average (solo queue) player has to deal with.

Balance issues, teamplay and the toxicity or lack of enjoyment that ensues due to core game mechanics.

That’s a mix.

No, it’s primarily MOBA. If they want to mix fps with MOBA they need to make the game primarily fps. Otherwise there will be massive balance issues. Which we are witnessing right now.

I thought you had watched Seagull’s video?

ULTS are strong in MoBa , hence, even if OW were 95% FPS 5% MOBA - you would still need strong ults because that is a FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPAL in MOBA type games

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Let’s take this slow:

Claim: “OW is a mix between FPS and MOBA”.
Counter claim: “It’s not a mix, it’s like 80% MOBA”.

My point: “80% IS A MIX. DUH!”

Counter claim “It’s not a mix, it’s like 80% MOBA”

Me: “Moira emote”.

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Their response was to delete the heroes he whined about. At least the popular streamers are happy, am I right guys?

If it were planned all along, why wait 50 hours until stating that there will be additional nerf to characters specifically addressed by said streamer in the PTR?
Why not blatantly state that in the First PTR notes?

If it’s supposed to be like this then OW will be a DEEEEEAD game in one year.

If you look at Seagulls video you’ll quickly notice in the comments that 9/10 players agree with his points.

And this is bad news if your company name is called Blizzard…

I honestly think Blizzard is in panic mode atm. The changes to Brigitte kinda shows that.

Unfortunately for Blizzard it’s not even nearly enough since the problem with OW is the core gameplay.

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Well if the game goes away I will be very sad. If it changes from what it is I will be very sad.
I rather takes my chances that the core audience will stay. It is obvious though that a lot of players jumped on OW thinking it was Team Fortress with butts.