@Blizzard Please Bring Back/Revamp Old Maps

Where are they? I know some had to be removed because they were 2cp but what about the rest? Numbani, Havana, Rialto, Blizzard World, why did those need to be removed, also instead of removing Iconic maps like Hanamura, and Temple of Anubis, just edit the maps, and make them push maps, or payload maps.

It would be a shame to never get to play them again. You don’t even need many new assets for the old maps just rearrange walls, and add new routes.

Also as for they old maps that have new day or night variants, why not still have the original time of map in rotation as well more options is never a bad thing.

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Apparently some maps are bugged while others are not ready yet. They’ll be back! Whether people like it or not.

Here’s a source for you about some of the maps being bugged:

In the first post, under “Known Bugs”:

I’m wondering how they plan on bringing Anubis back if they don’t want 2cp, unless it’s just left out of competitive for some reason.

They’ll probably use it for PvE


There were vague hints of a new game type that could make use of 2CP maps a ways back. Maybe in the first OW2 Reddit “ask me anything” thing that they did. So having another game mode make use of these maps is something that they’d like to do. Whether that game mode actually made the cut and hasn’t been quietly dumped is anyone’s guess. If it has been nixxed then yeah, I’d say KEKIsBack has the right of it, and they’ll pop up as PvE maps.

Few maps are disabled to fix bugs. Bugs likely as in “we haven’t finished removing the PvE assets yet”

Meanwhile the maps we already have still show pve stuff in the window reflections, lol

what ? temple of anubis is being reworked from 2cp?

That’s embarassing honestly

Don’t get your hopes up, I’m only working from old hints from Blizzard - it could be that whatever they were talking about didn’t pan out.