Blizzard please address the account wipes!

I’ve seen hundreds of posts on here and Reddit all saying the exact and thing it’s happened to me too.

Why have they not even bothered to address it and let people know they are going to get everything back? I’ve been playing this game for years yet all that progress is just gone? With no word from blizzard…


Account wipes as in losing cosmetics etc.?

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Nope, entire account is like I’ve never even played the game before. It’s forced me to do the tutorial and locked the other game modes, the only thing I’m allowed to play is quick play open queue. The hero’s are locked not a single cosmetic item is unlocked and every single stat I had is gone.


Try to rejoin the game, change regions etc. Make a ticket if none of these work. Restarting the game fixed it for me.

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opening a support ticket in any case i would recommend.


I tired that, I’m now reinstalling and clearing saved data to see if that fixes it

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Silver linings though …

Absolutely stomping on noobs. So this must be what it’s like to be a smurf when your in diamond & GM.

Do hope I get my stuff back, especially as it now as my account is now worth close to 8 grand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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its actually kinda worrying me that they haven said anything about it


Yep. They are treating us like garbage right now.


Yeah I went on my Xbox so I could merge it to my pc and when I got on my Xbox I was already linked to my pc account where I have nothing and I can’t link my Xbox account to my pc since I’m now already on my pc account for some reason unless anyone knows how to undo this??

i think you should get a merge pop up on console soon and that will ask you to merge with you normal account. then it will put you in a queue to merge for some reason… after that you should have all your stuff that’s what happened to me its fixed now.