Blizzard Launcher Page Blank

I have an issue with the Blizzard launcher. For all of my games the Newsfeed boxes that usually appear above the play button are simply not there. On the Overwatch page it is, or was, completely blank, not even a PLAY button. It seems to be that it’s trying to open up a window about the halloween event that takes up the screen but due to the newfeed issue nothing opens up and it stays completely blank.

I found out that if I log out of Blizzard app and change my region to Europe when it loads up I get the pop-up message, can close it, then when I switch back to US I can see the play button.

Still no NewsFeed boxes but I can at least play Overwatch.

I have uninstalled, cleared %appdata%, %localappdata% and %programdata% of all Battlenet or Blizzard files. Anything left in program files, reinstalled twice, disabled all anti virus software and firewalls and it’s still an issue in my Blizzard launcher. Newsfeed boxes do not show up in Americas region, only when I switch to Europe.

This is true for all my games on the Launcher. I have the Play button for Overwatch now due to the above steps I took.

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