Blizzard, I take it back


In all honesty, they would have done fine without the ears. It would look 10x better and I’d probably use it.


Ninja ≠ Samurai
Totally different. For the majority of their history Samurai didn’t even use swords. Polearms were more reliable as the steel was of such poor quality.

Tune in next week for another episode of “Watch me take the fun out of everything!”


She’s cow mom, of course.


You mean pumpkin skins


Santa rein is the true Bae :wink:


Hey. I’d like a Winter Lion Reinhardt… And so would he most likely X)


i havent even thought or cared about furries in like 10 years. we live in such a clown world today that furries seem normal.


I’ve always wanted animal onesie skins, but this is fine too uwu


Say what you will. I think Zarya got one of her best skins from this event.


just for that you heard them blizz genjis gotta be a babé snow bunnie right now. the rabbit becomes meme.


Do I report this post for trolling or for ‘its Inappropriate’?


Furries? What are you talking about?


I would LOVE a winter lion Rein. Please gimme



plays a sad song on the world smallest violin


This is so sad, can Bob do something?


I love how people don’t know anything about the reality of Furries.


I love when people don’t know that this post is just a joke.

Wait, I actually don’t…


I mean, even if its a joke, my point still stands as just an overall statement.


It’s ok, I forgive you. How about some hugs? Christmas hugs?