Blizzard, i love ya, but can you not mess up for five minutes?

They will most likely make a Overwatch developer update, or try to release a Halloween trailer early, so all the Youtubers can jump from one bandwagon to another, and hope you forget as well.

Don’t forget, what Blizzard has done is silence a champion of one of their games, that is speaking out for freedom in his country, and it is unacceptable from a large scale company that is suppose to value freedom.

This would have never happened with Morhaime at the helm, We need our true Warchief back.

[🏓 Why are people posting about Hong Kong? [Explanation]]


rolls eyes really really har- ooow i think i tore one of my extraocular muscles

Up next north korea!

So are they just not supposed to make developer updates or release trailers anymore or what?

Last time i checked, they release them on time, and not create chaos is the time between.

The update is in less than a week. What would be “early” for you?

i dunno, they love to spoil the skins on Twitter, and we’ve had radio silence for what, 2 months now?

it’s almost like now OWL is over, they have nothing to fall back on.

I’m not really sure why I was notified about this thread’s creation…

But I very seriously doubt they will do anything different this year.

Off topic, but i just realised that this weird duck thing you have as your avatar is not actually a duck

omg i see it… and now i can’t unsee it…
thank you /s

For the last few events they’ve kept spoilers to a minimum.