Blizzard has a lot of Demonic Characters


That’s Azmodan from the Diablo universe, but alright, I’ll let that slide for the joke at the end.


That last demon is too scary. Mentally scarred now :woman_facepalming:


You forgot about Jaina the dreadlord who serves the old gods.


Ah yes, Dreadlord Jaina. The time ritual is complete.

(Tom Powers) #46


No No No no no…
That’s not one of the Demonic characters Blizzard has.

But it will be super cool to have him as hero 31.


Did you post this because the Youtube channel ‘Daily Overwatch Moments’ is going to be uploading episode 666 tomorrow? :laughing:
(It’s a true story as well :yum:)


Hey, I’ve seen some other clips similar to this

:thinking:-:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:-:thinking:-:thinking:
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this is a verified 2016 meme


I was hoping Mei would get a diablo based skin for Halloween. red/black carapace on her breast, slick back horns, huge clunky claws on her hands and boots she already has big chunky boots and gloves so they can fit the same hitbox, make her ice block are dark red and black soulstone to fit the one diablo was trapped in.


This made me giggle.


At least the OW one is for the scientific method so I think that’s pretty great.


Thank you OP for making me laugh. This was great


You face Meiraxxus!
Ice queen of the Freezing Legion!


As a Mei main… I knew this was coming.
Leave my wife out of this.


I didn’t want to just use Diablo and/or WoW


Wow. Tom Powers approved?

My life is complete.


Man, I was scrolling through and going, “Uh… do… do we need to tell you what the Diablo games are…” and then I got it and felt silly XD




why did they make overwatch have the most terrifying one :fearful::fearful: