Blizzard has a lot of Demonic Characters


Gods I can hear her satanic giggling in my nightmares


Knew it was a Mei joke, and still clicked on it :joy: darn it


Good on Blizz for giving us nipple ring representation.


Well yeah.

Mei is a Diablo character. They just put her into the wrong game.

Swedish? :thinking:


When Hell freezes over.


Each successive generation shall be more terrible and the wicked than the last, until the final generations would be such an abomination the only recourse would be to deluge

“I have gotten a man through an angel of the Lord”


Except each one will be cuter than the last as well.


Mercy is Swiss :switzerland:. Torbjorn and Brigitte are Swedish :sweden:.


“Top demons in blizzard games, the last one will surprise you”

Lol I would click on that😂


Then I guess Mei made a mistake and gave an icecream to the wrong person.

Can you blame her? Torbjorn and Mercy does have a lot of similarities.


Mei is bae leave her alone she is cute and innocent. Now bask in her cuteness.

full sized image for those who want it


Ye be a terrible human lol. My Marshmeillow is no demon. Still, funny meme.


Oh my god.
That might the goriest thing in this game.


Oh oh no. That last one man. Put a warning or something up the next time you’re gonna post something that disgusting. That thing is terrifying.


Replace mei with brig


I almost thought you necro’d a thread from 2016 somehow lol


Nah I’m not that desperate.


Ooh, a Mei devil joke. You are indeed the emperor of 2016.


Mei is and always will be the devil until the end of time.

Blizzard could add a literal devil/demon character into their game (not including Krampus Junkrat Skin) and Mei will be more demonic.