Blizzard has a lot of Demonic Characters


Not that I’m complaining, but I just thought it was interesting.

Heroes of the Storm:




Like I said, I’m not complaining. Just thought it was interesting.


Its like each iteration is more horrifying than the last.

They went too far with the Overwatch demon IMO.


This is just too horrifying.



Just some little corrections (sorry I can’t help it):

  • Azmodan is also part of Diablo (Heroes of the Storm is an amalgamation of all Blizzard IP’s)
  • Hearthstone => Warcraft/WoW

And oh well, what’s a game without the devil in it, right?


Somehow I knew Mei was going to be here, but I didnt want to confirm it for some reason.


I’m the fact that Azmodan is suddenly HotS-exclusive lol


Ah yes, Azmodan, the Nexus-original hero.

Was about time Zeratul got a buddy.


Mei’s devil joke does not make her a demonic character at all. In fact that joke comes from the fact that many players noticed how annoying she was to play against like Pyro in Team Fortress 2. That is why she is considered a demonic character.


I know where the characters come from, but I couldn’t make the meme without doing it this way.


That and her entire group of friends froze to death. She woke up, and made some tea.


Ah k :+1:, but why did you exclude WoW? :disappointed_relieved: There’s even plenty of choice.


Didn’t want to make the list too long, since the pictures take up a lot of space.


Actually all characters in Overwatch are satanic and go against the christian way, except Reaper who supports the christian values and brings rapture to punish the sinners


You forgot Tracer. She giggles when she kills someone.


At least the Pyro just kills you and gets it over with (or at least if you can’t use almost any available weapon to outdamage his fire).

Mei makes it a drawn out process of slowing you down, stunning you in place, and then headshotting you.


I knew it was about Mei.

She’s not the devil. She’s an angel.
Just look at her innocent smile:

(One day will blizzard give her a demon or devil skin and I would use it nonstop.)


Hell has frozen over.


<20 characters>


Mei is a kind person.

Just look at her giving an ice cream to a Swiss woman.

So nice of her.