Blizzard embraces the worst of OW

The fact that Blizz refuses to do anything about smurfing and throwing, an obvious symbiotic relationship, yet they will send me warnings and mute me when I get reported for “abusive chat” from calling out smurfs and throwers has me to my wit’s end with this game. Blizzard, you prop up this negative environment where you allow people to abuse the ranking system and ruin games for other people just because these pricks are throwing cash at you. I love the gameplay and concept of this game, but the crap I experience on a daily basis that you allow is getting to be too much.


You just have to live long enough to become the villain in OW and join the others as competitive integrity is generally nowhere to be found here


Unfortunately, that is the conclusion I am starting to come to as well.

I mean it’s the same people who changed gg ez, but still allows you to curse/say racial slurs in type chat. Sure, I can report but why should I have to.


Oh yea I forgot about that one, they censor gg ez but not the N word lol


Yup, way to enable toxicity even more, right. I suppose that word falls under gamer talk.


You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the troll/smurf/thrower.

I will NOT give up. I will QUIT, before the game turns me into…one of those.

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I mean you kinda aren’t the victim here since getting muted for abusive chat requires at least 3 teams of player reports against you. You can never tell whether a person is smurfing or if they’re good or whatnot and honestly at the end of the day, they’re just another player regardless of their actual rank. Their other account may be masters but on their smurf they play like a plat and get in plat. As for throwers again a good amount of reports has to be put against you because blizz doesn’t throw bans out left and right and can never tell whether someone is just playing bad or throwing so again it’s an argument for another day. Blizz has addressed that they would like to fix this but for the time being there’s not much they can do. The privacy of the player for one and they can’t really make a system without forcing 2FA or some other ludicrous system.