Blizzard Disconnects During Comp

Refreshing this so that it gets more visibility, but Blizzard servers ““lose connection”” occasionally during my competitive games. I have to close the game out, relaunch it, and hope that I can still rejoin. My internet is good and have never had this happen during any arcade, quickplay, or game browser games. The fact that it only affects my comp games is pretty suspicious. I have been disconnected at least 10 times for the current season (11), and as of 8/9, this started happening in copa Lucioball, where it happened ONCE and I get suspended for 8 hours even when I joined back in. I have never purposely left a copa lucioball game, or ANY comp game, so this isn’t fair.

We can look into this, but you’ll need to try some troubleshooting steps first to see if they fix the disconnection issues. I’d also recommend staying away from Competitive modes until you have fully correct the connection issue, otherwise you risk a permanent season ban.