Blizzard can you answer us do you have coding issues

I’ve been talking with one of my friends that is heavily in the coding industry and a big company that gets hired to help companies fix there code. I have been told that blizzard has only two competent teams and the rest are really chickens with there head cut off. he says they have messed up so much of the code that making changes is so hard that it is easier to start from scratch when they need to make a change.

Blizzard if this is true and im sure if you explained this properly to your community they would be more then glad to help. You could release skins that go directly to hire coders to fix these problems that can only be bought. you can have a competitive system like cs that people can pay monthly for, you can have a annual or monthly price for clans. guilds, charge for extra avoid slots etc.

but if you just need money that isn’t part of the projected revenue so you can get the right coders im sure if the community know this they will help because they love your game and would gladly rally together to have it fixed. At this point simple things that other games have that you don’t have including games made my Activision the company that owns you there is no logical explanation other then the fact that the code is sooooo hard to change you cant do it.

If i’m incorrect maybe somebody from the blizzard team can enlighten us on why others games seem to have no problem to implement things that you guy s continue either not do or say you can not do(i.e. ping system, clans/guilds etc)

we are willing to understand that you need to make money please understand also that we just want a good game and you already have a good foundation so we don’t have a problem playing are part to support you for your’s but you are losing people every day little by little.


Blizzard has various teams including system engineering and game engineering that works at all levels of the game. Furthermore, Blizzard is hiring many positions as they are expanding and continuing to develop Overwatch:

I maintain a Dev Post directory which has a listing of answers from developers on why many features are or are not included. Please note, many of the posts from devs were on the older forum platform which is no longer accessible, but you will find the general summary of those responses in this thread.


my friend is the coder but they work for a large i guess consulting firm/ fixers they fix code for companies that cant. but im just an avid gamer that loves this game. im asking what can the community do to help you guys speed up the things we would like implemented.

we are just getting no where with everyone blaming each other for bad games in the community or yelling at you.

nor is it constructive for us to just hear from you that things are being worked on with no evidence or data. im saying i think that if blizzard is more open on why these changes are not as easy as we are asking for the community might be able to help or create a solution from outside eyes that can help.

If anyone is looking to make Overwatch a better game, applying for an open position they think they can fulfill is always going to be the answer.

This is not necessarily a problem with game programming, but game design philosophy. I recommend checking out the official Fair Play Alliance website which goes more into details about the perceived problems of online gaming community and what companies including Blizzard are doing to help make their games a better community.

im going to check this out ty
just out of curiousity i see that EA games is part of this, is the reason we don’t have or never got to try out a ping system due to this alliance?

Throwing consultants at a project doesn’t magically fix things, and finding ones skilled in the exact type of game dev you need are nigh impossible to find, because work for that is so rare. It’s not some simple CRUD fix the DB and make the website work again kinda thing.

i never said it was(and if you look at the context that sentence was used in it wasn’t for them to hire consultants but to let them know im not the one with coding experience it was this person and that was there background because the response given to me was application for a programming job for blizzard) but if this is the issue and blizzard need some very specific type of coder maybe the community could help get someone that is that type of coder, i.e. have a friend family member someone they know personally that could help but doesn’t know about video games or blizzard to even know there skills could be required there. like when you make it sound like its a needle in a haystack maybe getting more hands to help find the needle can help. not saying it will cause i don’t even know what the problem is that blizzard doesn’t implement things other games have and other games then also put those changes into their game immediately.

i know fortnite has ridiculous money behind them but they seem to never have a problem putting something that another game came out with that’s good immediately into there game. I assumed cause fortnite makes more money then everyone else they must just be using money to fix these problems that is why i suggest all money related solutions. cause at the end of the day blizzard doesn’t actual let us know why they can do these things.

simple thing to back what im saying is i just got sent to check out this alliance because the dev sent me there. i reached out to them and there response was anything blizzard is not doing has nothing to do with them and any problems in game have to do with the gaming company. i’m not calling anyone liars but if the dev is saying the game design philosophy is an issue and the alliance is saying they have nothing to do with it. which party is right? there is no real data to say either one is right or wrong. ultimately i don’t think anyone cares about who is right or wrong they just want a good game.

and finally clearly we all understand its not a clean fix that’s why they haven’t done so many things and took sooooooooo long to come out with role que. so clearly we know. that has nothing to do or is an excuse for not having solutions or an honest discussion on why we cant have solutions.