Blizzard Balance for loot boxes


So I recently bought a blizzard balance card the 20 dollar one. I spent it on the 24 loot boxes in overwatch and when I completed my purchase, it said that the next time you log into overwatch, you will claim your purchased loot boxes. The next day, I log into overwatch (I play on xbox btw) and I never got my loot boxes and my blizzard account is signed into my xbox live account for overwatch so I don’t understand why I didn’t get them. Please help


Did you buy them on the ptr? And if so why not get them on xBox?


Well my friend got the same thing but got it by going to the xbox store and he didn’t get the loot boxes either so I tried the actual gift card and redeeming it. But recently i haven’t seen anyonelse with the problem so maybe I did something wrong


I hate to say it but a Blizzard Balance card is ONLY compatible for purchases for the PC version of Overwatch. You need to purchase a Microsoft/Xbox Marketplace Balance Card to make any Loot Box purchases for the Xbox Version of Overwatch.

Please note, you may be able to refund the Loot Box transaction back to your Blizzard Account if you start a web ticket, HOWEVER, the Blizzard Balance itself is very unlikely to be refunded in any way. The balance can however be used toward any purchase for any of the Blizzard PC games or their DLC if you own any of them.


Thanks for the help. I didn’t realize this but at least now I know. I really appreciate it