Blizzard account hacked (changed email)

Someone hacked my account and changed my e-mail address. I can’t log in to my blizzard account. I can’t even redeem a new password because when I try to use my email it says “theres no account for this email”. I created this new one so I can make this topic. I can get pictures of the emails I got.


The staff doesn’t handle account issues on the forum. Instead, you’ll want to use the self-service options for account recovery, which will require you to prove your identity.

Is there a way to just have it reset back to what the previous or original email was?
I got an email in the account that it is meant to be under that said

"Hello flameing101#1252,

We wanted to let you know that some information was changed for your account:

Your account’s e-mail address has been updated.

If you recently made account changes, please disregard this message. However, if you did NOT make any changes to your account, we recommend you change your password and make appropriate corrections as soon as possible to ensure account security.

You can log in and manage your Blizzard Account here: (link to account page that I cant log into because I dont know what they changed the email to)

For more information, visit our support site ( for answers to Frequently Asked Questions or to contact the Blizzard Support team.


The Blizzard Team"

This really isn’t helpful because it doesn’t give me a way to say that no I don’t want my account email changed.

Not to my knowledge.

I cant use the recovery link. Is there an email that I can use to get it sorted out? Side note I wasn’t able to change the password or anything because it was 4 in the morning when the emails were sent.


I see your old account in our system and it does appear to have been hacked. Please submit a ticket from this new account that you’ve created and include your old battletag and the email address that you used to use on the account. We should be able to reverse the changes for you.

Because someone else has been able to take control of your account, it means that they were able to assume several pieces of information. Typically, they have access to your email address as well as other identity verification options such as your secret question answer. If you do not use the link that Nicole provided to validate your identity for us, we can’t be certain you are the true account owner and not another exploitative party trying to gain control of the account.

Edit: If the link isn’t working for you, what error are you getting?

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I already assumed that they had gotten into my email and have changed the password on there as well as running an antivirus on my pc to make sure there was nothing on there. The issue is that I don’t have a “government-issued photo ID” and I doubt that I used my real birthday for privacy reasons.


If you don’t have that kind of identification we may be able to ask other questions via a live contact. Use this link instead and see if we can discuss things with you when we have live chat available. It’s currently closed for the day but you should see our live hours there.

Thanks, hopely that will help me get this sorted out!

I just had my account hacked and they changed my email what can I do to get it back


Please follow this link to submit a ticket. I cannot help you with this over the forums, and we discourage bumping old threads. Going to lock this one up to prevent further bumps.