Blizz just added an Avoid Teammate button


With the removal of ‘poor teamwork’ being reportable, I seriously feel they need to increase this limit a little. Two is far too restrictive if someone wants to avoid someone who is actually a poor team player.


The problem isn’t that you often get more than one person you never want to see again in a single game. The problem is that you might play four or five games in a row and be teamed with a different person you never want to see again in each one. This is why two is much too low a limit.


People don’t like playing with these types of players, there’s nothing wrong there


What? When did they remove that?


There, unfortunately. If you can’t report someone anymore for being ‘poor at teamwork’ then this they really need to up the avoid player as teammate limit slightly.


Tbh the reason of removal seems reasonable


Yeah that’s fair, I would routinely report people on both since they could encompass both. Griefing it is!


Indeed, that’s my plan too if the limit remains at 2 :).


Half of my brain: “Sure, of course, if you offer a feature and no one’s using it the way you meant them to, and instead they’re using it specifically to do something you told them not to use it for, you may as well get it rid of it.”

Other half of my brain: “Abusus non tollit usum.


rip. i wont be able to block all these people that are fine going 5 dps in a single game. and with poor teamwork gone this is gonna be worse than before


It’s not gonna stop people from mass false reporting the [instert any off meta hero here] who’s been carrying their team the whole time :confused:

But I look forward to being able to avoid toxic meta slaves.


I mean, the limit of 2 is pretty dang low, but the reasoning behind it makes sense. Having 10 or so avoid as player slots in higher tier comp where the pool of folks that can play together is far more limited than say gold or silver could make it impossible for people to find a match, whether its the person that’s flagging all those people to avoid in matches or the people getting flagged.

It does def seem like a really low number, but the logic behind it at least makes sense.


Limit it based on rank, couldn’t possibly be that difficult to implement.


Limit based on rank would be nice, but im sure people would complain about that saying it’s not fair to only have 2 avoid slots in diamond/gm/whatever and allowing bronze/silver/gold to have 10 or whatever number. No matter what you can’t please everyone ¯_( : / )_/¯


A limit of 2…is that a joke for the game that has 30 million and counting players…?


No more off-meta OTP terror

Finally I can dodge that Torb main


I hear ya, and a limit makes sense for overall I guess what you’d call “que economy?” IF anything make it 10 or 15 or something. Avoiding running into 2 players in a game where the vast majority of players never bump into each other randomly more than once in a blue moon just seems like it’ll have very little impact. Although I suppose even if its a small improvement, at least it still is one.


You have to admit it is better than nothing, and with only 2 slots it reduces the amount people can ‘game’ the system.

ie. Imagine if in general I have a good Overwatch experience, but I want to climb SR. If I rarely encountered trolls or toxic people, without a small limit I could just keep adding who I perceived to be the worst player on my team, if I did this theoretically I’d end up being on a team of awesome people and just roll my way up the ranks.
This is 1 of the reasons why too many slots would be a bad thing

With a 2 person limit you’d really have to start to think how to use your slots. Sure some people will likely try game it anyway, but as soon as the first troll comes knocking, that underperfoming genji 1 trick will be swapped with ToxicTroll99 and the system will start to be used as intended.

Realistically such a system will ALWAYS be gamed, however by limiting the slots it will:

  1. Still perform its intended/desired purpose
  2. Reduce the impact on the match-maker
  3. Have less of an impact on OTPs/off meta players than a larger/infinite slot system

It may not be perfect, but is is DEFINITELY a lot better than nothing.

"Avoid as teammate" feature is horrid
Avoid this teammate feature

Here’s the thing they had one that was permanently based and they said they would never bring back the features


The thing for me is that it is usually someone who deserves to be avoided as a teammate is in a premade and they’re griefing as a whole unit (I honestly lost count of bads overly exclaiming how they’re a premade and every solo/smaller premade should revolve around them “IMAPREMADEDURR!!!” ). Does avoiding one person make me not deal with that whole nonsense from the premade or does the premade yet again supersede everything and got to tolerate them all? I would assume I don’t have to be paired with said premade, but you never know with how these guys code nowadays.