Blizz just added an Avoid Teammate button


I wonder how good or bad this is going to be.


So it’s not permanent.


It will be great. I can avoid the Sym/Torb/Bastions that are queueing at that moment.


because things may change and you may want to play with them at a different time


that is so you can’t just give it to everyone you gotta be sure you dont want to ever play wit hthem for a whole week


still want avoid player back since blizz isnt good at banning cheaters


It’ll likely help players that want to avoid a specific rarely chosen hero or a specific person in competitive play and otherwise accomplish little else unless it drops reports against certain heros.


honestly rip anyone who plays off meta this idea sucks


Then all the off meta players can play together


I can already see a problem within that feature overtime, just like the report system is abused very often.

Imagine this scenario where you are being queued in competitive, and the matchmaker placed you in this setup or around:


If for whatever reason, people decides to “avoid you as teammate” solely based on your tier level (e.g. the silver guy), and if a lot of players do it, you will get warned by the system of the “high” influx of “avoid as teammate” you received.

This is counterintuitive in this measure, but could be fixed by simple reducing competitive ranges for queues.

That being said, this is a welcomed feature imo, considering the few little games where I get queued with the same throwers/leavers in a row, it’s probably a direct response to the deal within a whole bunch of companies with Twitch to fight against bad online behaviors (The Fair Play Alliance [FPA]).


yeah that’s not problematic at all in any way


Off meta players only have themselves to blame if people don’t want to play with players who play what they want regardless of counters


Now we need something that will let us play with and against people at your skill level


I’m very grateful for this feature, but . . . two is not enough.

Sixty or so might do it.


It has a limit of only 2 people avoided at a time. Literally worthless, I’ve had games with more than 2 people who are horrendous to play with.


Avoiding one player will knock out their entire group. Unless you have 3+ individual players getting on your nerves, it shouldn’t be much of an issue


I wouldn’t say “literally worthless.” But far too limited, definitely.


Again, avoiding one player will knock out their entire group. In most cases it’ll be enough


Yeah, if they are grouped.


With the removal of ‘poor teamwork’ being reportable, I seriously feel they need to increase this limit a little. Two is far too restrictive if someone wants to avoid someone who is actually a poor team player.