Blackouts and sour taste of -50 when you win the match

You specified if the player wins, they salvage most of their SR. That is what I am not too comfortable with.

You see absolutely no room for a middle ground between these two?

  1. You lose 50 SR and gain no SR for the win
  2. You gain your normal SR for the win with no SR penalty

I was just picking something somewhere near the middle. I’d be fine with the 50 SR penalty but still get your SR for the win, or -25 SR penalty and no SR for the win. ANYTHING would be better than making it the same as not coming back. Blizzard is incentivizing screwing over your entire team. There has to be some benefit to come back or no one will (I certainly won’t bother unless I’m with a group).

yesterday after 80 min in WoW on alterac i got freeze and deserter on win screen, got no reward :confused:

My friend disconnected from the server, he was still in group and was still chatting to us he rejoined game cancelled.

Don’t act like the cancellation methods blizzard uses are good, they’re not.
They lack foresight.

If someone leaves the comp and rejoins at the last second after the game was about to be won give them 0SR.
No loss as they rejoined but no gain since they didn’t heal their team.

If they lose -50SR, -25SR or less for the rest of the team

This is an argument for punishing everyone equally, not for removing punishment.

They lack clairvoyance, which is ridiculous to expect so why bother. I’ll happily criticize how over-automated they are, but your greatest defense against these penalties is ensuring your equipment is reliable.

Exactly. Everything I proposed would punish everyone equally regardless as to why they left or why they returned. The difference is that my proposals differentiate between those who leave and don’t return (screwing over their team), and those who come back AND WIN. Blizzard’s current system makes no such differentiation. Hence, there is no point to coming back in the current system. Just let those other 5 players suffer a loss. It’s all the same to you, so why should you care?