Black Screen Still

So. For the past two months, I have had the whole Black Screen on launch/closing the game. I have “fixed” it about 40 damn times, and it is officially getting old. Every time I fix it, it breaks again the next time I try and open Overwatch.
I have searched the forums and Google and all that, and tried literally everything other than a clean install of Windows 10. And I mean everything.

At this point, I am certain that this is a problem that only Blizzard can fix, and I am sick of having to do literally every fix there is 3+ times a day just to play my game.

And weirdly enough, ONLY Overwatch has this problem. Is there a more permanent fix?

If your screen is going black, it means it’s a problem with your PC, not the game.

We have no idea what “everything” means, as you didn’t list any methods you tried to resolve it.

I’d suggest reading the thread they have for this specific issue.

You can report what things you have tried and then include the system files requested in the thread.

I figured “Everything”, every thing, Every. Meaning all…I figured everything was an all encompassing term. I have read all relevant threads on all relevant topics involving this issue, and even other similar issues. I have posted up my system files three times, and even had a GM walk me through some things. The first time was in fact due to Razer product related issues. After that, its on Blizzard. No other game of mine is having this issue, as I stated before. Not World of Warcraft, not Heroes of the Storm, not Diablo III, not my Devil May Cry, not my LA Noire…Literally ONLY Overwatch is having this problem. I have no viruses, no spyware/malware, no anything. And I am not the only person with this happening. Yesterday, I had to restart my laptop 12 times because the damned black screen is so overriding that I can not even tab out to other things. Not even Task manager will come up.
So when you say its my computer, clearly it is not since absolutely nothing else I run has any issues.

I am looking for real help, or maybe to have this thread become a more permanent thing, to help keep the topic alive so that others can remark upon it.

I say this because even though other people have had this issue, they have resolved it by fixing something on their own computer. There are no major issues being reported with the game, and it is definitely working perfect for me and others, so it’s likely some conflict happening on your computer.

Can we get a new copy of your system files on pastebin? One for the dxdiag and one for msinfo.

Damn i hate this, everytime i try to launch the game it turns pitch black and then dark greyish black. After this it freezes my computer, also i tried everything like every tip i have read on the forums, like deleting cache, click alt and enter before the black screen doesn’t work scanning and repairing etc.

I don’t know what is the problem? Every other game works just fine but Overwatch no, i did the dxdiag thing, save all information and name the file dxdiag this worked me for 2 times until now everytime i launch the game it gets black and i did nothing before it!