Black Screen on Launch without even any Alt-Tabbing

So I’ve been dealing with a problem that started today in that Overwatch 2 loads with only a black screen even as the music and sounds of the main menu play in the background. Thing is, every reference to a black screen in this game mentions Alt-Tab in Fullscreen or Borderless being the cause, but my game is black screening permanently as soon as the game is launched and I’m not even alt-tabbing at all. I was able to play fine until today, and not even a clean reinstall, updating of all drivers, restarting of my PC, etc has fixed. It’s not a problem with my Hardware either cuz I’ve been playing til today.

Did you try the steps from the pins?

same problem - not a single piece of razer software installed. working last night past midnight, so technically today. but its all black screen now.

reinstalled, scanned and repaired…twice, updated drivers, nothing.

None of those even apply, so no. It resolved itself, but I don’t know what caused it or if it’ll happen again next time I try playing.

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