Black screen, cursor stuck, loud buzzing noise, PC freezing

I’ve been having some severe problems with Overwatch the passed 2 days. Problems that don’t allow me to play.
2 days ago I was playing as normal and suddenly my screen went black. I could still see teammate outlines and my HUD/UI. I obviously had to quit the game and relaunch. That seemed to work and I just assumed it was a once-off bug. The same thing happened today, except I saw an error message before the black screen. Something along the lines of “Render device lost” and then the whole screen went black and I heard a loud buzzing noise from my headset. PC completely froze and I couldn’t exit the game. So I had to manually turn off my PC. I then checked my drivers (up to date) and none of my hardware is overheating. Can’t see any corrupted files either. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the next time I tried to launch Overwatch, the game seemed to launch, then it put me back onto my desktop home screen while I could still hear the game launch music. But now my mouse cursor is stuck in the centre of the screen. I can’t access the game settings now. This doesn’t happen with any other game except Overwatch. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Razer peripherals?

Oh, you have another thread for this exact issue. Please don’t make duplicates, it makes it hard to help you.

No, this is a separate issue. I tried the troubleshooting advice and the issue is now worse.
I’ve disabled Razer synapse and the issue still persists. But only on Overwatch. Not other games.

This is tied to the steps you performed due to your original thread, though, so it should be posted as a follow-up there.

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