Black Screen Crash, BOIs

So, today, After I changed from EU servers, I got black screen crash. I have Followed the steps in the trouble shooting, and even reinstalled the game to try and fix it, but still get the black screen crash, with nothing that I have running in my options of choice when I try to launch Over Watch. Note, I have no chroma devices that I know of, as I chose to not have them installed when I installed Razer Synapses 3.

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the hash code is
i think?

I don’t see any Overwatch errors in your report. Did you open it before you ran this diagnostic?

Problem signature:
P1: GameManagerService.exe

If I had to guess, I think it’s the Razer Game Scanner service, and some hidden Chroma files that come with the SDK causing the issue. Pay special attention to the files that need to be removed:

Problem signature:
P1: dugiguides_1.4.7.exe

Side note: one of the apps you downloaded for WoW is triggering your security program (might consider removing it).