Black screen after starting Overwatch

Since two days I have had constant crashes with black screen in Overwatch where before I’ve never had them. First, I was playing the game for half an hour until I suddenly got a black screen and had to force restart the pc. After that, I got a black screen more quickly every time I started the game. At this point, when I start the game it loads up the menu but within 30 seconds the black screen returns and have to force restart the pc.

I have played another (graphically heavy) game for about an hour and that went without any problems. So I am hesitant to think it is something with the video card. I have removed and reinstalled the video card driver and reset the game options through the Blizzard app but nothing seems to help. Hopefully somebody can help me out with this. Thanks!

I have the same issue. Black screen on launch, have to restart pc. I have 2 monitors and sometimes the 2nd monitor blue screens sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve tested all my hardware, nothing is failing. Something is definitely up with the client.

Hello gang! Sorry to hear you’re having black-screen crashes in Overwatch. If either of you are using Razer peripherals/apps, please try uninstalling them, per the information in this post:

Best of luck in your adventures!

Hi Metalagon, thanks for responding. I don’t use any Razer products so that can’t be it.

Same issue even with no razer apps installed.

I have now also done a Windows reset because I thought it might had to do with a failed Windows update. But unfortunately Overwatch still crashes.

There are some other steps worth checking out.

Hi, yes thanks, I have gone through all those steps as well. I have the most current AMD video card driver en no applications are running in the background.