Black loading screen, then closes game

Every time I press to play Overwatch, it goes into a black screen, then shuts down the game.

I’ve tried every method I’ve seen online such as:
Resetting in-game options
Updating drivers
Uninstalling Razer synapse
Deleting cache files ( & Blizzard Entertainment folders)
Uninstalling and reinstalling & Overwatch multiple times
Repairing and scanning files
Closed other applications that might cause fullscreen conflicts
Went into GeForce and changed Overwatch settings

Please do not recommend me any of these tips.

Usually you have to manually hunt down the files from their software, as the uninstall function doesn’t remove everything.

Also, all tech support posts should include a DxDiag if troubleshooting is being requested :slight_smile:

I’ve just hunted down Razer Chroma SDK and Razer files/folders in my drives and deleted them. Still doing the same black screen.

Problem signature:
P1: Overwatch.exe
P3: 60497879
P4: NvCameraWhitelisting64.dll_unloaded

Using the nVidia overlay? Camera?

Problem signature:
P1: Microsoft.GamingServices_2.51.3002.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

Try turning off Game Mode in Control Panel.

Not entirely sure what you meant by this but I disabled the nvidia in-game overlay and it’s still not working

Game Mode was already disabled, so I turned it on then turned it back off, restarted, repaired OW game files, and it is still is doing the black screen.

Okay, this is not an issue with the game client (it doesn’t have a feature to turn the screen black), but instead with a conflict with something else on the system. Have you tried closing all background apps?

You may also need to open a ticket and let the staff look over your MSInfo for these conflicts.

Just disabled all background applications on startup and restarted my PC. Still not working.

I’m going to get an MSInfo log and send in a ticket. Thanks for your help.