Black female hero?

are we just going to ignore the fact that efi is in the game???

proceeds to do one of those posts
Pressing F for respects : Acknowledge.

No, for real. We know. Im still waiting for a Spanish hero, i guess we have Sombra and sort of “Gabriel Reyes” ? But yeah, you guys have Pharah and Ana but they are not “black” i guess ?.

Yeah, i hear ya.

Egyptian and indian are ethnicities, not races. OP is right that Ana, Symmetra and Doomfist don’t share the same race, but they are still all black. They should have been more specific in what they meant from the start, since black isn’t specific to a race or an etchnicity, and clearly what they want is a precise race.

I still cant understand why people keep asking for representation. Why do you even care about it?
Okay, maybe it makes sense for some minorities in some cases, but what the point of care about racial representation? There are more blacks than whites on the Earth.

If you from egypt which is in africa you ain’t even close to black I guess. shrug ( Ana’s a black woman, sorry, not black enough for u? :3 ) and NO conflation here - Janelle Monae probably also not black enough for u, whoops! (OP Pretty much saying “not black enough” which is dysphoriating, just saying.)

I can suggest you this thread:

You can still live in your lefty diversity dream bubble, but you should better wake up! Real diversity means that it does not matter if a character is female or black, as long it fits to the story.

No, OP didn’t.

There is nothing wrong with asking for a hero that is of a specific anything, including gender and nationality and sexuality and ice cream preference. The issue with the posters pushing for a ‘black female’ hero is their condescending dismissal of already existing heroes or even other requests for representation. OP was very careful not to go there and yet the detractors still felt the need to pile on.

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It is a difference if you ask a US or EU citizen if Pharah is black. For EU it’s totaly clear that black means african, and look were egypt is on the globe.

Well for US it’s more complicated. Check wikipedia on Black Ethnography.

tl;dr Pharah is a black, female african - we have diversity, get over it.

We need artistic freedom


I think, the thing wanted specifically is an African-American female hero.

Someone who represents black American culture, especially since said culture has become so wide-spread over the years outside of the US (Japan and Korea as hard examples adopting American rap culture into K-Pop and J-Pop, especially the fashion as an example. Even League of Legends just adopted said culture into skins for their characters and did a music video for it, too). It would have to be done correctly in a way that felt natural and organic, not “forced just to have a black female”, if that makes sense? After all, we don’t want to get given someone with the excitement level of a piece of toast just for the representation; she’d have to be done correctly and done well else it’ll be a bigger nightmare than not having such a character now already is.

That’s the specific representation I think a lot of people are actually asking for, but not saying it. I know a lot of people feel representation doesn’t matter because “it’s just a game” but a quick Google search on the subject can easily pull up a ton of articles that show how important it is to have representation of one’s culture and race in media, especially in ways that show it’s ok to be versus “you’re not important enough to be here”.

A good example of the above is the movie Crazy Rich Asians, and watching Asian people on FBE’s episode on it actually crying because they felt “human enough” to finally be represented in a mainstream movie. It does matter.


why do we have to have a black woman specifically? We have doomfist who’s nigerian, we have pharah, ana and symmetra who are dark skinned.
Plus Orisa while not human is quite black coded. Built in nigeria by a nigerian girl and voiced by an african va. And she’s modeled after african art and named after african gods.

While i’d like a black woman as well, i don’t get the urgency and insistence on this forum wanting specifically a black woman.
Overwatch is very diverse, with character from all over the world.
Seriously, why black woman? Why is the black woman asked so much on these forums? I’m more curious by that.


OK, so just for clarity, which demographics are allowed to be left out and which ones have to be included?

Givens that she’s part of an already established group that we already know…? Pretty high. In fact, she leads it. So it was as easy idea for a new hero while also giving a backstory for an existing hero.
I mean, what are the odds of getting a 4th American before a Norwegian? No Spanish heroes yet? Well, that just has to be changed since Overwatch is meant to be international. Because if “inclusive” means every demographic that is picked by the community should be included then “international” means every nation that is picked by the community should be included, and I pick Spain.


Yeah, how about we go with what the people of Egypt see themselves as?

It is funny though, some in here trying to conflate being african with being black but god forbid Cleopatra is portrayed as such in media and minds are lost. As the winds blows, eh?

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“what the people of egypt see themselves as” is more conflating than acknowledging that africa is a dominantly black continent, (just as south america is dominantly black) we’re not even getting into the POLITICS of africa here, which is largely nationalist and racist in many african nations, just as the UK and US are. Conflation is saying “a Country is it’s people” instead of acknowledging that Ana and Pharah and Orisa and hell even Sombra could be black women - if that’s what they please? If that’s how the identify? If it even mattered? :slight_smile: OP is just saying “they’re not black enough”. Again, it’s dysphoriating.

You know this kind of hero would be nice to have…

Ana and pharah. Literaly from Egypt. We have two.

If ever get one I hope she has long curly black hair :heart_eyes:

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Would you be opposed to a black woman who has light skin, freckles, and long curly ginger hair? :slight_smile:

Of course not, light skin + ginger hair is also :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Listen, the decision of ‘black or nah?’ is not one to make from outsiders’ perspectives, least of all EU or NA ones. Of course egyptians can see themselves as black. That’s not the point.

Anti: <3 ahh I love you, it was a rhetorical question but you got that <3
Fruitslayer: You’re right. the Point is that the current black heroes aren’t black enough.

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