Biotic Grenade needs more counterplay

Easier answer,

  • A. Make it so that it does it only does 100% antiheal for a direct hit, and 0% for indirect
  • B. Or just make it 50%

AntiHeal is a tool built for dealing with “Too many Tanks”, and that’s not something this game needs to be concerned with in the future.

Especially considering, with Ana getting a selfheal passive. The whole risk/reward of using it on an enemy or yourself. Is mostly gone.

but the thing is we’re not talking about the lack of mercy counterability. we’re talking about anti’s lack of counterability.

so why did u bring up Res and Immortality

It has enough counterplay, but it should be less… harsh? Less heal may be?
So other healers can shine

More like this game desperately needs as many Tank players as possible.
And almost anything that gets in the way of that, doesn’t need to exist.

It does. I believe, they should make DPS heroes to be harder to play.

Genji - Ultimate should be pixel perfect (Vertically I mean. Current blade hitbox is a huge tree log)
Hanzo - arrows should be pixel perfect
Mccree - cannot stun if nade doesnt hit head.

whatever etc etc

You know as well as I do, than landing an explosion that’s 1.6x the size of a Pharah rocket, is easy.

Especially when the very edge of the explosion does just as much as the center.

because if that’s the standard of counterability for such a level of impact, anti will need more counterability.

Well it’s also just that with only 1 Tank per team, and less barriers.
What’s even the point of having a tool that is meant for killing “Too many Tanks”.

It’s an ability that was crafted with 3x and 4x Tanks on a team, in mind.

Additionally, unless they want Rein spam, it would be nice if a Lucio Ult or Zen Ult could mostly counteract an EarthShatter.

I disagree. it’s because OW 2 will have less tanks (and thus less barriers) which is why anti’s value will be higher in OW 2. because last line of defense/sustain is pretty much the double support healing.

like unless the TTK in OW2 basically deteriorates to like paper like in CoD or CS etc. whereby nearly everything can oneshot (which I have doubts because you can’t make tanks brawly that way and supports become useless), support healing will being even more the core source of team sustain. and thus having an ability with anti heal, which already has near 0 counterability from the support roster when it effects allies and will have less in OW2, will become extremely powerful.

like both you and I are familiar with paladins and iirc you often make a joke that cauterise is a must pick there. well the logic of why that is the case for paladins isn’t nonexistent in OW. esp when we kinda saw it happen back in zarya hog meta.

I’d be genuinely surprised if they didn’t strongly nerf AntiHeal in OW2.

As you mentioned, Hog/Zarya was a somewhat indication on how problematic AntiHeal is when there isn’t barrier spam.
Which isn’t that far off from what 5v5 will be.

I’ve never played StarCraft but… I like the sound of that.

Unless their name is Widowmaker that is

Ah yes, just use Symmetra’s Ultimate to counter anti-nade 4Head.


In the context of preventing an anti from landing in a grav during your team’s Transcendence? Absolutely 100% worth it.

Could also use a Mei wall.

The point being, there’s a ridiculous amount of counterplay for Biotic Grenade–it’s just not available to a solo Roadhog.

Aside from self-cleanses.

There’s really just

  1. Barrier Spam
  2. Zarya as an offtank
  3. Immortality Field

#1 and #2 won’t exist in OW2, and there’s a good chance of #3 getting a rework.

The bottom line is the game needs Tank players more than it needs Ana players.

Besides which, Ana will need a nerf to offset her getting a self-regen passive.

Totally agree. I think part of the problem too is the amount of CC and burst damage available. Playing in that environment doesn’t feel terribly “tanky” IMO. Hopefully OW2 will correct some of those issues.

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They would have to do those correction carefully otherwise they will end up with the same issues down the road. No one would play support if they get pooched by both long range and Dive characters.

Well here’s my rough draft on that

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

No it’s fine. There is already too much healing in this game. Also we need ways of punishing deathballs.