Big SR losses after losing

So I want to know…I’ve been placed 2255 for tank in this new season. I’ve lost 4 games and won 1 and lost almost 400 SR? What have they done to overwatch…

I just lost 1 game on support after placing 2104 and I’ve hit 1974??? no way I should lose over 100 SR for losing it’s 1/4 of a rank

well the account is new so yeah, it’s determining your skill level so you’ll be losing 50 ~ 100 on losses and winning like 30 ~ 70 on wins

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I played a lot of console before swapping to pc and this never happened on there lol

Your SR is currently way higher than what the game has calculated your MMR to be. You’re new account is still trying to calculate itself to figure out where you honestly should be. Once you’ve stabilized your MMR your SR will stabilize within 200 points of that and you’ll be back to the normal SR +/-

Still. This never happened on console…have they just implemented it? Is it just a pc system?

Nope nothing new other than the account you’re playing. Your console account had a well established MMR which influenced your placements. Your new PC account does not. This is SOP for pretty much every competitive video game with a ranked ladder.

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