Beta Week One: Comments from the Overwatch team

I really hope they don’t gut Moira down to Sym levels.

I haven’t had a chance to play the Beta yet, so may never know what 5vs5 current Moira is even like.

“we’re going to talk a little more about the Mercy and Symmetra changes, as well as initial thoughts on Junker Queen and queue times!”

mentions nothing on queue times


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Hey, given that the Overwatch 2 Contenders Summer Series begins in 6 days and we have no word as to whether this patch will affect us and our tournament prep before that time, can we have confirmation as to whether at least this patch will come before, during, or after the tournament?

So no date for the patch? Damn that sucks

Apparently they have… somewhat.

“…we’ve been encouraged to see queue times improve and even out somewhat already.”

Really banking on the third beta saving their bacon, lol.

Im still waiting for the change to Lucio that he can kill with beat. It was so cool in the creator experimental.

what about orisa? how is she performing now?
i think you should remove the falloff and make her the only long range tank. Her kit is brawly, but she has no barrier or mobility to either engage or force the enemy team to approach.

i guess i didnt catch that. im really hoping that next beta they bring meaningful changes and/or reworks to every role to encourage people to queue that role, or maybe just bring back priority passes :man_shrugging:

Javelin Spin is Orisa’s engage tool. It blocks incoming projectiles and increases her movement speed during the ability and for two seconds after use.

There have been a lot of changes in OW2 that affect Symmetra-- like 2CP being removed, one less tank per team, less barriers, and an overall more offensive, aggressive playstyle.

With these testing iterations, our goal is to make her feel more natural in Overwatch 2’s ecosystem. That being said, we recognize that this previous change wasn’t helping us achieve our goal, so we’re starting to test some different things internally.

She means a lot to us, too, and we will share more with you soon!


I was expecting Moira changes, but no.

I was hoping for Brig changes so she was not as dull to play and her ultimate as bad as it is. But no.

This Beta is so boring if you dont care about Junkerqueen.

Good thing I didn’t pay for the “privilege” to test this game for free for Blizz.

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I really hope so- sym honestly feels like the most neglected in terms of meaningful changes for her actual playerbase and not just the people that benefit from Tp.

Her kit feels so incohesive, just hope something can be done :frowning:

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Please tell me you’re kidding right now–
At this point, you guys should just openly admit that you don’t know what you’re doing with Symmetra. Furthermore, I’m even less enthusiastic about playing either the beta or the full game when it releases in October, especially knowing how much you did Sym dirty so far.
Another thing, I’ve clearly opted-in to the second beta (and I have proof) on 16th of June, yet you still don’t wanna send me the invite code, and when I check out the page where I opted-in, it says:

Thanks to those who opted in to the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta - opt-ins are now closed. Still want to join the fray? Immediate access is still available on participating platforms through the Watchpoint pack, which also includes other Overwatch 2 benefits.

Stop hiding the beta behind a friggin paywall! I don’t wanna pay for access, I’ve got better [REAL LIFE] things to spend my hard-earned money on right now!


Thank you guys. Based on the article, everything is looking up for Symmetra - glad to see you communicating with us about her.

Especially excited to see potential faster beam charge for her. That’s like one of my top ideas for her right now (because I, as an aspiring game designer, can’t stop dreaming), even if it’s super delicate to balance. Good luck!

Heart emoji here
Sidenote I love the blue heart theme blizz devs have it’s very cool

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That’s cool. Are you referring to the faster charging beam mentioned in the blog or could there be even more cooking up? :o

Could we get a comment on what players who own OW1, but NOT a working phone are meant to do? A number of players are concerned about this. Also, is the OW Team happy with the state of Mei and Sym currently?

Then could you explain why she isn’t getting the same level of changes as Bastion? From recent developer comments, it sounds like she’s really hard to balance. Was this not the reason Bastion was reworked?

Her whole design feels really out of place in the new game. It would be great to hear why she isn’t getting a rework.


One might argue that your actions over the years show the opposite to be true.

Destroyed her OG playerbase that have problems with motor function after spear-heading her accessibility.
Don’t have anyone in your private discord that play sym and can voice sym player base’s concerns directly.
Leaving her highly imbalanced for years.
Most of her power being within her teleporter for OWL. PR speak really makes my skin crawl lol


I really don’t want to be the one to send negativity towards Jodie but I do agree with your post.

Actions speak louder than words, and the few actions we’ve seen have been disheartening.

5 blog posts ago they spoke about how they use win and pick rates for balance changes, then in another blog spoke about why sym has such a high win rate but low pick rate. Now in this blog they’re talking about the reasons nerfed sym 9 times and spoiler it was because they were worried about her high win rate knowing that it’s only high due to her being picked in niche situations. Make it make sense blizzard :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sob: (from the symm mains subreddit)


Man contender players stay getting shafted lol, I don’t think they consider y’all when doing this unfortunately