Beta season ranked will not be counted they said

Beta season placement: Support (main) 2300, Tank (second main) 1980, Damage (just to get comp. points): 1950
Season 18: 2200, 1490 (Bronze, WTF???), 1950

These games in bronze are unplayable for tank (1367 now, could not win 99% of games even with best stats in team), so this is end for me with this role. I will not grind half of the year to get from this hell. Thx Blizz for your excellent matchmaking!

Just play Roadhog and get easy wins. :^)

Hmm, maybe this will be the way (no damage, no healing). I played last few games as Zarya and it helped. But it is really funny when I have more damage and kills than our Bastion :smiley:

No, they didnt say that.

So half of the Internet undestanded it wrong because same info was mentioned in half of OW YT channels. “Practice what you want, SR will not be counted”

Btw, did you know that counter for phara is doomfist? :rofl:

I think almost everyone understood it wrong, not just half of OW community.

I personaly didnt believe they will not use it, because it really didnt make sense to not use it after I saw on PTR.

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