Best Sombra player receives Avoided by Teammates Warning

At some of the highest and most skilled levels of the game, players are avoiding the best Sombra player enough that he’s receiving warnings.

Are they avoiding a bad player, or are they avoided a relatively unviable Hero?

Blizzard didn’t even announce any balancing to Sombra after they gutted her for the upcoming season. They’re perfectly okay with having this Hero be a troll pick.

And before anyone comes at me with the whole “Good” or “Delete Her” comments, if somebody enjoys a Hero that OW introduced over 6 years ago, then they deserve to be able to play that Hero and receive respectable value doing so.

I mean, if you think the nerfs to Sombra were good and balanced, then I’m sure you would not mind having one on your team every game right?


Best sombra player, so like Lip?


Tbf, joining the perma-avoid squad is a time honored one trick’s rite of passage.


Anybody who’s using their avoids on people who simply play a non-meta hero is probably a toxic jerk anyway.


Good point, but the goal is to complain like everyone else did until Blizzard maybe tosses us some breadcrumbs for balance changes.

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Says where?


Well, the problem is that, arguably, nobody is being toxic here. At the higher levels of play, you’re more likely to get matched with the same people enough that it would make sense to avoid players who one-trick an unviable hero.

The point is that the hero is in such a bad state, that even the people that are the most effective at utilizing her are being avoided because the value the hero needs to bring is simply not there.


It’ll all work out eventually.

He finally stops picking her=win.

He one tricks himself into oblivion, with avoids=win.

He leaves, because of his refusal to switch=win.

Everybody wins!

(except him)


You can point this fact out every day of the year and the majority of people won’t care.

Basically, the devs are always right, so we have to wait for them to randomly buff Sombra. Might be waiting anywhere from a few weeks to over a year.


Am…am I in an abusive relationship with Overwatch where they offer the greediest pricing model and simultaneously run the characters I enjoy into the ground?


Meta slaves are very childish. I mean high ranks are supposed to be cream of the crop, right? One would think that given the super high understanding of the game they lord over everyone, one of those skills they grasp so well would be adaptation. Oh well so glad I decided not to try rank this time through. I was never high level, but I have never received an avoid player warning either for playing heroes I enjoy lol.


Onetricks almost always get avoided when their onetrick is no longer meta.


Getting avoid warning is better than getting an account suspension for playing a hero you enjoy.


Who’s considered the best Sombra? After me, of course.

The thing is tho, Sombra has never been meta in OW1 (The devs have reported that not even GM’s are able to make Sombra work) but he’s still be good enough to be among the few that can make her viable despite the handicap. He’s become famous because he’s able to climb with arguably the weakest hero in the game.

When not even he’s able to make her work, it means she’s in a worse state than she was in OW1.


Maybe its the enemy teams avoiding this person because they got spanked by a sombra

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Is this Fitzy getting avoid?


Some of the Sombra players I’ve had on my team, I would gladly have on my team every time.

The good sombras used to be those that could go behind enemy lines and delete whoever she wanted while they were inbound from spawn. That was overpowered. The good sombras players now are those that wait for the moment teams engage and then picks off the primary support and potentially the backup while the enemy dps’s and tank are tied up. Worst case scenario is she gets one support, warps to full-heal, and makes it back to make the 4v4 a 5v4.

I don’t understand why people need a character to be overpowered to be viable.

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Im assuming so. Which is pretty upsetting since he’s one of the most chill and coordinated players I’ve seen in the OWtber sphere despite what his main heroes might say.

Good communication, good ability to defuse or ignore toxicity, and generally a good guy. Its sad to see his main get put into such a harsh state in higher ranks.


That’s the unfortunate life of playing/maining a hero that community purely hates. Being a Mei player has never been an easy life. Although it’s very unfortunate for him because he’s always been very nice