Best skin in the game

Odette Widowmaker.

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Tyrande Symmetra easiest decision of my life

Would’ve been GOAT Brig if only she had her default ponytail

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Combat Medic Ziegler. Timeless classic.

For paid skins, Goat.

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Slipstream Tracer. Love the shades, man.

I love it so much that I’ll try out other skins for awhile, but I always come back to that one.


Rime Sigma
I love Sigma and I love deathknights

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Nothing really tops Nutcracker Zenyatta. I don’t even play Zen too.

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Im pretty sure they are yellow in valkyrie

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WidowMaker Noire.

Dark and minimalist. One of the simplest skins in the game. There isn’t too much or too complex visual clutter.


Clearly this title is only befitting of Grillmaster76!

Dad skin best skin.

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I can’t. Each hero has a skin that is outstanding.

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zenyatta - cultist
best skin hands down :metal:

Formal doomfoist
4 c

Witch Mercy because it has it’s own voice lines. I like the personality of the witch. It makes Mercy feel less boring. It’s not perfect, but it’s my favorite skin in the game atm (her forehead looks very short and her hair and broom looks chunky).

Also I’m drinking milk tea right now which is kinda funny. Never tried honeydew juice, I should try it

I like the Ana Pharaoh skin.

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Has to be Skullyatta for me, but I also like default Mercy and Lake McCree a lot.

It’s easily the GOATS Baguette. No other skin is so iconic and it’s a perfect 5/7 looking skin

Little Red Ashe… it is obvious.

Symmetra Tyrande. Absolutely the best.

Blackhardt Reinhardt.

Guess I’m old school.

Nutcracker Zenyatta

Do I look like a real boy, papa? Look at me.