Best PTR update to date!


Exactly my thoughts. It’s going to be interesting to see how both the bash nerf and the interactions with proyected barriers is going to work ( besides fixing the problems Briggitte has with those said barriers right now, which is “funky” to say the least). I think there will be more dive comps from here on out if these changes go live, since also that passive “buff” isn’t really a buff.


Brigitte was never supposed to hard-counter dive. She was supposed to be seen as a solution, but never as one character who counters a whole meta. Again, these nerfs are just making her more team-oriented.


that’s not the skill. The skills from being ble to predict when the Tracer would show up and where she’d go. After all, a Tracer can just bait out the bash and then you’ve botched it. The shield bash vs Tracer blink was never a real problem it creates a situation where you can outplay eachother.

The issue here is that once you stun someone it’s easy to spam all the appropriate keys and finish the 1 hit combo. I’d say initiating it takes skill and you also need to keep your cooldowns in check in order to actually pull it off.

yeah, because Widow and Hanzo players never ever accidentally hit headshots and let’s not mention that a damage boosted Widow can 1 shot bodyshot some characters. Does that require any more skill than Brig’s combo?

imo both of these scenarios suck. If the game is going to be skill based then 1 shots shouldn’t exist in any form. Besides, the real reason Tracer is countered by Brig is the armor, not the “1 shot” combo

but she was? Why else would she have aoe healing on top of being an armor dispensing CC machine?


Actual patch buff Roadhog for a easy oneshot (again)


What about a well timed bash vs a well timed recall/blink ? Oh right, it’s a ‘healer’ and not a dps and so therefore doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be able to counter the dps gods tracer and genku …

The thing is, if they are going to do this, they have to approach it in a more holistic way and do something about this lazy “hard counter” concept in general.


Tracer is gonna be bad until she doesn’t get her pulse bomb dmg back, so no tracer meta for now…


She still does all of those things.


I don’t understand why people are losing their mind over someone hard countering tracer when there are already plenty of other hard counters in the game. We have this weird double standard with heroes it’s okay to hard counter and heroes it’s not.

There are already a ton of matchups in the game where one character has no business winning. Junkrat trying to kill Pharah, Rein charging Bastion, Mei vs Hammond, playing Zenyatta against a team with Widow, Winston vs Reaper, Winston vs Bastion, etc.

Note how most of these lineups involve tanks or support heroes getting destroyed, and being expected to switch. Every character in the game except for Tracer and Genji have had meaningful shifts in and out of the meta. But suddenly, when it’s a DPS getting hard countered, especially Genji/Tracer, suddenly everyone loses their mind.

There’s a meaningful opportunity cost to picking Brig. Her healing is not outstanding (at 20 HP/s), and between her ult and inspire, she can heal at 40 HP/second for people in the area. Her ult will swing sustained teamfights against dive comps, and that’s it. Every other support has a better ult that is useful in more situations.

We already have a character in the game (Mei) where if you get too close to her and you don’t have a high-mobility/invincibility option on cooldown (e.g. nobody except Genji, Moira, Reaper, and Tracer), you’re dead, and even then Mei can burn wall to secure a kill. Mei also just has much more utility during teamfights with wall/ice block, and a devastating ult to boot.

Genji and Tracer have had the fewest major changes of any hero to date, and aside from fixing Dragonblade (so that if you got stunned/hacked during it, it wouldn’t stop), they’ve exclusively been nerfed. For, by far, the vast majority of the game’s life, they’ve only ever been on the stronger side of things. Tracer, in particular, enabled dive meta with an insanely low potential TTK (and that’s without headshots) and strong damage against tanks.

Brig is already shut down hard by heroes with splash damage (Pharah, Junkrat) and heroes with range (Hanzo, Widow, Soldier). She’s only super strong within a range of ten feet, and she has to burn two of her three CD abilities to do that.

Even if we agree that her hard countering Tracer shouldn’t be in the game, that doesn’t change the fact that these nerfs make her a strictly worse pick than other supports, in exchange for 0.6 HP/s, which is virtually nothing.


How is it a good patch if Brigitte isn’t remotely being compensated for the huge nerfs. Less than 1 HPS doesn’t make her a better pick for healing all of a sudden.


Oneshot Tracer needed mechanical skill, imho.

Anyway they should reduce her repair pack cd


I mean, the entire OP is just ridiculous. Be real.

She doesn’t one-shot. She doesn’t have the damage. To combo a hero, she has to utilize her entire kit except Repair Pack. Anyone except Tracer can’t be instantly combo’d. Most other heroes can escape if they have mobility, or have an ally help them.

But true one-shots (i.e. Doomfist rocket punch, Hanzo headshot, Widow headshot, Ashe + Mercy damage boosting, etc.) are not included.

If the only metric of whether it’s good or bad is “mechanical skill required” then that really comes down, “I’m salty and don’t feel they deserve to kill me”. Which is a poor argument for nerfing a hero.


Her combo did 155 damage. That’s more than three quarters of a squishie’s health, and more than half on a 250hp hero, and you’re stunned for a full second. Tell me, in what ways does this offer counterplay at all?

It’s not fun to play against.


I already wrote it out.

Being headshot offers no counterplay.

Being rocket punch offers little/no counterplay (if your Zarya can throw a bubble on you, they’re a God).

How is that any more fun to play against? lol.

Point is: people are picking and choosing to complain about Brigitte as if she’s an outlier when there are other heroes far more guilty in what they are complaining about. Why is that not in their discussion?

Why is something that is strong but still doesn’t instantly kill the majority of the cast the problem, but not the many instant-kills (and I mean instant) on shorter cooldowns and at higher frequencies?

“It’s not fun to play against” is the worst argument. Keep subjective matters out of balancing because if that’s the case, Genji should be BURIED.


But you need to be skilled enough to do it consistently.


But there is still 0 counterplay to it. You die. Instantly.