Best PTR update to date!

Yes, I am talking about: Incoming PTR Changes

It is great to see that Overwatch Devs acknowledge the problem that has been pestering Overwatch for a while now.

One-shot/stunlock mechanics are not fun to play against.

I am referring to the upcoming PTR patch with the Brigitte nerf/buff:

Now before the swarm of angry Brig mains start flailing their *sticks about, let me explain.

She is a support. She’s also what you would consider a brawler. She has a higher defense than any other support character for the sake of this. To sustain herself and allies in close-quarters, she heals nearly as much as a Lucio heal does.

Meaning, play her as a support/brawler not a instant-win against Tracer button.

“But… But… I can’t insta-kill a Tracer anymore :frowning:.”

She shouldn’t, no hero should be able to just one-shot another with little to no mechanical skill involved.

“Omg… Tracer-meta is back again!”

Not really, get good at other hero’s the counter her. A good McCree counter Tracer, easily with a flashbang. Equally a good Tracer can predict the flashbang, and blink/recall out of it. Which is no easy task and should be rewarded.

A well-timed flashbang vs a well-timed recall/blink.

Point is: Stop whining about her shieldbash nerf, and be glad she’s getting an overall boost to her inspire.


They atleast should have nerfed it to minimum 10dmg, so a good Brig could still one-shot a Tracer with LMB+Stun+LMB+Whipshot, but this leaves Brigitte without its antidive capabilities…


The whole point is not To have this one-shot mechanic, but I can see where you’re coming from.

She’s not intended for diving, she’s designed for a sustained team-fight. Even if she dives in, the change itself doesn’t negate her dive potential at all… Just her burst damage, which is fair game considering she’s all about sustain and defense.


Can’t agree more, this plus DF nerfs, couldn’t be more happy! Hopefully this will go live soon.

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Why haven’t you addressed snipers and ultimates that one shot, then? :thinking:


They have destroyed her self defense. Her shield is easy to break and stun combo is going to do nothing anymore.

Tracer and Winston go back to having no real counterplay zzzzz

A hero who can only do damage at 6 meters should be deadly at 6 meters.


Because snipers and ultimates require mechanical skill, if a sniper one-shots you… Well they deserve it, because it’s a tiny hitbox from a long range. But being able to one-shot in a 60-degree cone in front of you makes no sense. :unamused:

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Are you seriously comparing the ability to get a headshot vs the ability to land a shield bash? And vs ultimates?

I think the shield bash nerf it’s a bit okay, BUT with the current state of “not being able to stun through shields”, it’s unplayable.

Snipers being as good as they are has limited the roster available for a long time. The rate of fire Widow gets make it pointless to bring heroes like McCree, Pharah, etc. The only reason she is allowed to be as good as she is because the fetishization of aim, that’s basically it. In other shooter they probably would have nerfed her sniper rifle because of how much it has surpressed every other gun. But people are so obsessed with comparing it to guns that don’t require aim in this game, that they ignore the damage it has done to other guns that also have to aim.

Brigitte could one shot two heros, and neither of them should have been getting close enough for it to happen. They had much more control of getting within 6 meters of her than over half the roster has of getting within 40 meters of Widow.


and it takes skill to pull of a one hit combo. Tracer isn’t that easy to hit to begin with and the whip shot works like Hog’s hook. It’s just a different type of skill. Unless you think Hog’s hook is ez af to land and that it’s easy to track Tracer


It just offers more counterplay and options of fighting back instead of getting deleted.

If you think pressing m1 and shift right after each other is difficult and skillful, you need a reality check. One-shots shouldn’t exist in any game without taking a lot of skill to pull off.


Good tracers could’ve played around Brig and never get stunned. Problem was healing and armor pack. This just makes Dive super viable again (here I come, Winston mains rejoice :smiley: ). She could only maybe shieldbash good tracer if she was lurking behind cover looking in 3rd person. Nerfing it to oblivion is not the answer. Welcome to Dive 2.0

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I mean, yeah. At this point good Tracers just avoided Brigitte entirely, making the threat of the one-shot and armour everywhere a deterrent so Tracers couldn’t do whatever the hell they wanted.

As for dive being viable again, she could still do well against it.

yeah but 5 dmg, flashbang does more? wtf blizz.
And while we at it, they buffing torb’s ult, but 1st tick is still doing like 2 dmg so u can hop over it… so retarded

Ana’s sleep dart does five damage. Sleep dart is a way better ability than shield bash.

With that thinking, that’s why ana’s sleep last longer.

It also takes a lot more skill to aim it. Brigitte’s shield bash is almost like a throw away ability.

The same could be said about mccree’s flashbang then. You don’t act like a brain-dead person and mindlessly bash everyone the second it goes off CD. I agree that the dmg the bash does was high and it was a needed nerf, BUT i also think that Briggite needs to be tweaked in other aspects (increasing shield health, bash CD reduced, etc). Of course i’m not talking about implementing ALL those changes but one of them would be nice.

I get where you’re coming from. Mccree’s stun lasts shorter, and it’s on a much longer cooldown. Follow up also takes a lot more skill, because if you miss that first shot you have to 1v1ing again.