Best PTR patch ever 😍 April 18, 2018


best patch ever

Genji and Tracer nerfed
Junkrat nerfed
New Hanzo
Lucio Buffed
New Map

happy :slight_smile:


Link to patchnotes??


generally good changes, imo


Hanzo changes are in. Oh man it’s so good. Might be way better than Scatter. And woops deleted my own post by mistake.


Tracer got nerfed ? This is probably the biggest surprise I’ll ever see in a patchnote.

Though ,it wasn’t the nerf people wanted ,so until dive dies I still expect people to whine about her.


Spread your foul lies no more this day sir


see the PTR forum…


She can’t OS a tank, but clip in your head is still here.



Seriously I was just thinking it was going to be the Hanzo rework but GD this is great


At least playing Bastion would be less of a nightmare now that Pulse bomb is nerfed doing approximately 235 damage if my math is right on Sentry Bastion

For some reason the Junkrat mine falloff greatly annoys me, I am glad his tire is getting nerfed and shrinking his projectile, those are good nerfs the mine falloff is not makes it inconsistent with random damage value, should be given a single damage value of 80 but with slightly decreased knockback while increasing trap damage to 120


Now this…
This is a good patch.



The Lúcio wallride changes :green_heart:


Junkrat got nerfed

There. Now can we shut up about him already? Now he has to ‘aim’ a little bit more. (not like aim matters anyway…)


Genji and Tracer nerfs
New Hanzo that can potentially be a not troll pick anymore
Lucio boop no longer consumes ammo



Genji and Tracer nerfs that tone down their overall power without gutting them.


Wallriding QoL improvements and boop not costing ammo


Definitely a great patch. I’m a happy Genji/Lucio player.

EDIT: I’ve changed my mind on the Lucio changes. They lower his overall skillceiling and make certain techs harder to do. Hope they change them.


They finally fixed Sombra.

Fixed a bug that prevented the laser sight from Sombra’s Machine Pistol golden variant from tapering at its end if her Talon skin equipped

They should really check their priorities…:unamused:


Go ahead, nerf my pulse bomb, see if I care! I’m rubbish at landing it anyway!


I’ve been thinking Tracer needed that nerf.


What timezone are you all in? It’s the 20th for me…


Hanzo’s new ability is pretty good but his jump ability is pretty short, lol.