Best of Luc... err Reputation.?

Not sure if that is a good subject. I uninstalled this evening. First time doing it intentionally since OW started (and beta prior).
It was bad enough hearing that, basically, PVE story mode was smoke screen. That was frustrating enough, then this evening, I somehow am banned from comp matches for 11 hours? Have played for 48 hours easily, and not a comp match for at least 72? so not sure how possible.
I am MFA’ed on Battlenet, and tbh, it doesn’t matter. the match matchmaking in everything is horrible at this point. Either all out WIN, or all out loss. Hell I would take people complaining again if it actually made a difference? There was never the ability to block people general causing issues, which I posted multiple time about through out the years as others have.
Worse part has been watching my reputation go up and down more than a yo-yo. Especially when gaining it was always constant.
At this point it is better for my sense of well being as the game seems to have turned my play time into nothing but cannon fodder.

The Game, the story, everything had so much protentional.

Moving on…

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Especially that PvE mode…oh well…