Best CURRENT dance emotes



Sombra for me :)! Iam really curious for Doomfist dance!


Widow, Tracer, and Sombra are my personal favorites. I also love Reinhardt’s, but I rarely play him.


Pick your most played heroes.

I love Symmetra, Reinhardt, Sombra, and Mercy’s dances. Pharah’s as well if you want to be a rockstar.


Moira, Doomfist and Brigitte are the best bruh.


Sombra is has a great dance.


Reinhardt dancing with his hammer.

Honestly, im not sure why this is even a question.


I don’t even play Genji, but I love his.


Reaper clearly has the best dance. That grumpy foot tap

also whatever the heck soldier does, love that weird thing. Mccree looks great line dancing on his own xD


Soldier looks like he’s going to fall any second lol. And McCree’s is no longer the best dance emote ever since they removed his laugh from it. :frowning:


I legit have no idea what soldier does. I guess the dance makes sense for an old dude with back problems (Probably) like rein.

Dance: https://


It’s literally the Dad:76 meme in a dance.



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Definitely adding pharah to the list!!! Orisa’s is pretty sweet too. I am prioritizing who I play the most but since I try to play everyone I want to add it all to th collection!


How did you not mention sombra


Zen has a mesmerizing dance emote, I can recommend. =p


genji for sure, apparently it goes to any song I guess.



Its like the best one out?


Mercy, Sombra, Widow, Zen


You just revived a 11 months old thread. Please don’t do that. How did you even find this thread?