Best counter to basition?

What counters bastion the best. I thought it was rule of thumb to play junkrat or hanzo but according to a video I have recently seen it said Ana and Mei were the best. Is this true?

Give Sombra a try. Bastion is only a real threat if he has shields protecting him.


If you want an in depth reason on any of these characters, let me know.


Any hero who can reliably dish out poke damage is strong against him. Sombra, genji and (kinda) reaper can rush him down too.

Ana and sombra is strong against debuffing him.
Follow this by any hero who can do burst dmg then you should be golden.

Another thing to consider is splash dmg, Sigma, Junkrat, and even Pharah if positioned well.
They do not require LOS to deal dmg to bastion.

Depending on the map a Defensive DPS who flanks can be effective.
Widow, Hanzo, Junkrat, Pharah, McCree, Reaper.

These. Basically any heroes that can either displace him or get him out of his turret mode. I’d also add Zen to the list, for the discord and long range spam.

Hanzo is also pretty good for his long range / burst damage in the form of storm arrows.

As to how to play against him: you do NOT want to challenge him into a damage contest, as you’d almost definitely lose if you’re not a bastion yourself. Play from off angles, shoot him from positions that make him turn sideways/backwards. Basically prevent him from settings up.

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Yeah i forgot to mention Hanzo and Pharah. Both can easily take offangles compared to junkrat and break shield/stationary bastion very easily.

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best? echo

find him set up, full stick him with sticky bombs and then immediately animation cancel one primary fire with focusing beam


Junkrat is your best bet if you want to take matters into your own hands. The heroes people are recommending here, while effective, require team coordination. Junkrat alone can provide substantial shield pressure, movement and burst potential to effectively take out bastion. His ultimate forces the bastion out of turret mode and he can challenge him safely from behind cover with his primary fire.

Dva is the best usually or just run meta

Hanzo is my goto for bastion bunker. But if it’s pirate ship, I usually go Pharah or reaper depending on the map.

Figure out what hero you’re strongest with.

The question is what doesn’t counter bastion :smile:

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Widow, Doomfist, Monkey and Orisa. Almost everyone else can counter him depending on map and comp.

The problem is the way you counter bastion is different than most other heros. Treat him exactly how you would treat a Hog using Ult. Any good combo of CC, burst and proper positioning ruins his day.



Ahahah please don’t listen to people that are suggesting heroes like Pharah and especially Sombra in order to counter Bastion. And that’s because Pharah for example is absolutely melted by Bastion and Sombra is simply a throw pick in low/mid ranks where the grand majority of the player base are at (unless you’re absolutely amazing with her), so therefore I’m wondering why they have even been brought up in a conversation like this.

Roadhog is the solo - counter to Bastion (comps) that this game thankfully has. Reaper as well.

If your team is actually coordinated, Junkrat in order to melt the shields is a great choice, along with D.VA in order to eat all damage, Ana in order to sleep Bastion and even Mei in order to wall the Bastion up and make him vunerable.

All of the above play styles though require the help of your teammates as well in order to focus the Bastion together.

Go dva that is all you need

Genji as well, maybe zarya if at some charge